• 9 Most Popular Bitless bridle Types

    9 Most Popular Bitless bridle Types
    The Traditional Bridle With A Snaffle Bit Horse bridles have been around for thousands of years and in the history of horse riding It is unknown which ones was introduced first - bitless or traditional snaffle bridles. The earliest evidence of bitted bridles dates back to dated about 3500–3000 BC [1] and bitless bridle 1400 BC. There is no question about whether we can ride...
  • How to Measure a Horse Rug

    How to Measure a Horse Rug
    Measuring a horse for a rug can be confusing, especially as a lot of countries use their own system for horse rug and blanket sizing. How do you measure a horse rug for size? Okay, first things first, use the table below to determine where you should measure your horse. All countries use the same measuring strategy (from the middle of the horse's chest to...
  • Best lightweight turnout rug

    Best lightweight turnout rug
    A lightweight turnout rug is a great option for horse owners looking to rug their horses in milder weather.  Turnout rugs comes in a range of materials, thicknesses and fill. Which option is best for you and your horse depends on where you live and what you use your horse for. A horse that is clipped and stabled most of the time will need...
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