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  • most-popular-bitless-bridles

    9 Most Popular Bitless bridle Types

    The Traditional Bridle With A Snaffle Bit Horse bridles have been around for thousands of years and in the history of horse riding It is unknown which ones was introduced...

    Nadine Gyllhamn |

  • how-to-measure-a-horse-rug-chart

    How to Measure a Horse Rug

    Measuring a horse for a rug can be confusing, especially as a lot of countries use their own system for horse rug and blanket sizing. How do you measure a horse...

    Nadine Gyllhamn |

  • Best lightweight turnout rug - ProHorse

    Best lightweight turnout rug

    A lightweight turnout rug is a great option for horse owners looking to rug their horses in milder weather.  Turnout rugs comes in a range of materials, thicknesses and fill....

    ProHorse Saddlery |

  • Syd Hill Australian saddle - ProHorse

    Syd Hill Australian saddle

    Syd Hill & sons have launched 6 new saddles in 2020 to further extend their economy collection. Syd Hill australian saddles are known for their durable material and comfortable fit....

    Nadine Gyllhamn |

  • syd-hill-stock-saddle

    Syd Hill Stock Saddle

    Product Overview: Riding, training, jumping, and other demanding English horse activities are lots less taxing on the horse when there's a saddle pad between horse the saddle. Saddle pads are...

    Nadine Gyllhamn |

  • jobs-in-the-equestrian-industry

    Jobs in Equestrian Industry

    Working with your passion and horses is a lot of horse lovers dream. If you wish to work in the equestrian industry, there are a range of opportunities to educate yourself...

    ProHorse Saddlery |

  • stock-whip-cracking

    Stock Whip Cracking

    Getting the idea and technique for stock whip cracking can be difficult and tiring. We have done the training for you, and broken it down to 3 simple steps. 1)...

    ProHorse Saddlery |

  • stock-whip-sizes

    What Size Stock Whip Do I Need?

      Stock whips comes in a range of sizes, and it can be confusing to know what size to go for when you are just starting out. The first step...

    ProHorse Saddlery |

  • australian-stock-whip

    Australian Stock Whip

    Australian stock whips are becoming more and more popular worldwide due to their durable material (kangaroo or Redhide leather) and the fact that they are usually hand made and comes...

    ProHorse Saddlery |

  • horse-tack-insurance

    Horse Tack Insurance

    We always recommend Horse tack insurance for any more expensive horse tack items such as saddles. Horse tack simply includes every tool that comes with having to own and work...

    ProHorse Saddlery |

  • proper-saddle-fit-to-horse

    3 Steps to Proper Saddle Fit For Horses

    Fitting saddles to horses can be lengthy, expensive process. However doing it right will save your horse's back and you'll have more relaxed enjoyable rides. Here are the 3 main...

    ProHorse Australia |