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How to Measure a Horse Rug

Measuring a horse for a rug can be confusing, especially as a lot of countries use their own system for horse rug and blanket sizing. How do you measure a horse rug for size? Okay, first things first, use the table below to determine where you should measure your horse. All countries use the same measuring strategy (from the middle of the horse's chest to the back of the hind leg) apart from New Zealand who measures the back seam of the rug.

Now keep in mind that the size of your rug might be different depending on what kind of material it's made from. Here are some quick guidelines to help you when measuring your horse.



Horse Rug Sizes

Use the below chart to determine the best rug size for your horse. All rugs are measured from mid chest to back of the horse's hind leg (apart from NZ as per chart above).


Horse Rug Conversion


When measuring your horse, make sure to try and measure one that is already in use. This will help you confirm the perfect size for your rug! Don't forget - turnouts are slightly longer than normal rugs so don't get confused if it appears long on a turnout.