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Lusitano horse temperament

Background Lusitano Horse
The Lusitano horse is identified by the use of various other names such as the Peninsular and the Betico-Lusitano. The breed is mostly popular in Portugal which is its country of origin. In a few instances the horse is referred to as the Andalusian of Portugal. The main purpose of this horse is solely riding. This horse greatly resembles the Spanish horse breeds in terms of appearance. Due to the similarity in appearance between Andalusian and Lusitano horses - it has been suggested by experts in the field that both breeds might originate from an identical foundation. Initially and over the years the horse has mostly been used for riding only in Portugal but with its gained popularity it is slowly becoming used in bullfighting as a sport as a result of it being athletic and agile. In Iberian Peninsula this horse is widely recognised for its capability to be noble and ability to please people. This breed of horse has been considered as a symbol of status of the owner in the society due to their refined looks and high intelligence level. The Lusitano Horse first became domesticated about five thousand BC by a race of warriors that used horse backs as a fighting technique known as the Lusitanian’s. They highly relied the safety of their lives on the skills of the Lusitano breed.

Photo: Equine Photo

Lusitano Horse Characteristics & Temperament
The Lusitano horses are available in a variety of coats ranging from chestnut, gray and bay. The head is of medium size, narrow, well-proportioned with a jaw that is well defined. The ears are tiny with tips that are curved inwards. The eyes are vigorous and huge. The shoulders are masculine and the chest broad. When standing the horse is about sixty to sixty four inches above the ground due to its brawny and solid legs. This horse is long but slightly shorter at the back which makes it have a sloppy and rounded croup silhouette. The most distinguishing factor about this horse is it’s level of intelligence. The horse has the capability to remain undeterred even when it is faced by raging bulls hence proving that it is a brave, stable and calm horse. The horse is affectionate, responsive companion and warm despite its cool nature. When it comes to equestrian activities such as driving, pleasure equitation and dressage the Lusitano performs exceptionally with its swift and graceful movements. The horse can be an ideal fit for professional riders as well as amateurs as the large temperament facilitates for an easy sit on the saddle. 

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