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  • how-to-cinch-a-western-saddle

    How To Cinch A Western Saddle

    If you are new to western riding, all the horse gear that comes with the discipline can be confusing. Especially if you are used to standard english saddles. An english saddle...

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  • the-most-beautiful-horse-in-the-world

    The Most Beautiful Horse in The World

    Kambarbay is a Akhal Theke Stallion that is known as the most beautiful horse in the world. He is owned by Solaris Sport Horses Ltd in Scotland, and is used as...

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  • largest-horse-breeds

    Top 5 Largest Horse Breeds

    Horses are big powerful animals and their size can scare people even though they tend to be very calm intelligent and harmless creatures, especially draught breeds. We have listed the top...

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  • friesian-western-saddle

    Top 3 Best Friesian Western Saddles

    The Friesian horses originates from the Netherlands and has been bred with a distinct short back, very different from other breeds. Because of this it can be difficult to find...

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  • sweet-feed-for-horses

    Read This Before Giving Sweet Feed For Horses

      Horse feed discussions are hot right now, and more and more people try to educate themselves about the biological setup of the horse. Originally horses grased and ate grass/herbs/plants...

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  • horse-agistment-rates

    Horse Agistment Rates

    Finding affordable horse agistment can be a nightmare. We have broken the process down for you and have information on how to find the hidden treasures. The cheapest area to...

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  • Horse Riding with Dolphins - ProHorse

    Horse Riding with Dolphins

    A dream come through encounter happened on the beach in Western Australia to the Prohorse Team in the Summer of 2017. We managed to capture a bit of it on...

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  • Charlotte Dujardin Facts - ProHorse

    Charlotte Dujardin Facts

    Charlotte has won everything you can win in the dressage world with her star Valegro, a dutch warmblood gelding born 2002. Read Charlotte Dujardin's Top 5 (FREE) Secret Techniques She...

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  • syd-hill-saddles

    10 Most Popular Syd Hill Saddles

    View our whole Syd Hill Saddle range ⋙HERE ⋘  Syd Hill & Sons were established in 1865 and have been supplying the western horse community with saddles since then. They are...

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  • micklem-bridle

    5 Reasons to why you should use a Micklem

      GET THE MICKLEM SIZE GUIDE   The Micklem Bridles has taken the equestrian world by storm, and is now used in a range of disciplines including Show jumping, Dressage,...

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