• Jobs in Equestrian Industry

    Jobs in Equestrian Industry
    Working with your passion and horses is a lot of horse lovers dream. If you wish to work in the equestrian industry, there are a range of opportunities to educate yourself and work with what you love. We have looked into some of the jobs available for you to consider. The top 15 most popular jobs in the Equestrian Industry are: 1) Horse Groom As...
  • Stock Whip Cracking

    Stock Whip Cracking
    Getting the idea and technique for stock whip cracking can be difficult and tiring. We have done the training for you, and broken it down to 3 simple steps. 1) MAKE SURE YOU USE THE RIGHT STOCK WHIP The number 1 most important rule for stock whip cracking is to get a stock whip suitable for you. Make sure you get the right length...
  • What Size Stock Whip Do I Need?

    What Size Stock Whip Do I Need?
      Stock whips comes in a range of sizes, and it can be confusing to know what size to go for when you are just starting out. The first step is for you to determine is; What are you going to use the whip for? Whether you use the whip on foot or in saddle makes a difference, and if you are experienced or...
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