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  • pcav-calender

    PCAV Calender

    What is PCAV? Pony Club Victoria (also known by the acronym PCAV) is the Victoria branch of the international Pony Club organization. Originally founded in England in the year 1929,...

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  • percheron-horse

    The Percheron Horse

    The Percheron horse is a breed of horse that has origins in western France. It is a draft horse and mainly bred for use in heavy lifting work around the...

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  • horse-deals

    Top 3 Most Expensive Horses Advertised at Horse Deals

    Checkout out our most read post here - How it all started.Horse deals Magazine is the market leading equine magazine and horse sale website in Australia at the moment. They offer...

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  • bot-fly

    Bot Flies & Horses

    What Is A Bot Fly? Bot flies are parasitic insects whose larvae grow inside the flesh and guts of animals. They are also commonly referred to as warble flies. Bot...

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  • hrcav-dressage-tests

    HRCAV Dressage Tests - Effective 1 July 2018

    THE HRCAV Dressage tests are updated from July 2018. Make sure you study the correct ones for this seasons. Many riders have asked for the HRCAV Dressage test in video...

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  • buckskin-horse

    5 Facts About The Buckskin Horse

     A Buckskin horse is described as a tanned yellow horse with black points. Tan or gold coloured coat with black mane, tail and lower legs. Many people think this is a...

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  • horse-agistment-prices

    Horse Agistment Prices

    Horse agistment prices The horse agistment prices vary depending on the various aspects such as the size of the paddock and the amenities available in the agistment facility. The prices...

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  • equestrian-australia-dressage-tests

    Equestrian Australia Dressage Tests

    Background Dressage TestsDressage tests involve the performance of predetermined moves by a horse and rider in a certain series of figures or movements. The events are usually performed in an area...

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  • arabian-horse-weight

    Arabian Horse Weight

    Different breeds of horses weigh differently based on factors such as the type of breed, the gender of the horse, the condition of the horse and the length of the its...

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  • horse-paddock-fertiliser

    What to Look For in A Horse Paddock Fertiliser

    Most Popular Fertilisers The most popular fertilisers to use in a horse paddock are the organic based fertilisers. Throughout Europe, North America and Australia the organic based fertilisers from various brands have...

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  • wattle-creek-equestrian-centre

    Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre

    What is Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre? The Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre is one of the most prestigious and spectacular Horse Riding Schools in Australia. The school is composed of horses...

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  • mexican-riding-blankets

    Mexican Riding Blankets

    Origins Of The Mexican Riding Blanket The Mexican blankets have been used for an array of purposes such as work out mats, camping, playing and riding blankets just to name...

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