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  • Syd Hill Australian saddle

    Syd Hill Australian saddle
    Syd Hill & sons have launched 6 new saddles in 2020 to further extend their economy collection. Syd Hill australian saddles are known for their durable material and comfortable fit. To reach out to a larger market and to make this brand more affordable Syd Hill & Sons decided to release 6 new saddles this year. The new australian stock saddles released are a...
  • Syd Hill Stock Saddle

    Syd Hill Stock Saddle
    Product Overview: Riding, training, jumping, and other demanding English horse activities are lots less taxing on the horse when there's a saddle pad between horse the saddle. Saddle pads are oddly shaped saddle cushions that take most of the force during riding training. For many horses and riders, they create all the difference and completely transform the riding experience. Most horse owners understand the...
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