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  • best-treeless-saddle

    Best Treeless Saddle

    We stock a range of treeless saddles, suitable for different disciplines. In terms of sales and feedback, our customers have ranked the following treeless saddles the best (within their discipline)....

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  • are-treeless-saddles-good-for-horses

    Are Treeless Saddles Good For Horses?

    There are ongoing discussions amongst horse riders and saddle fitters whether treeless saddles are good for horses. In theory it sounds like a treeless saddle would be more gentle on...

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  • how-to-measure-a-english-saddle-seat

    How to measure a english saddle seat

    There is a common misconception that Western an English saddles are measured the same, which is not correct. A western saddle is measured from the centre points in the middle of...

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    English Saddle Seat Size Calculator

    Shopping for English Saddles can be confusing, as you need to be able to fit both you and your horse. We recommend you start figuring out what seat size you...

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  • bridle-bits-types

    Bridle Bits Types

    The horse bridle can be used and ridden with a range of different bits for your horse. Different types of bits suits different horses depending on their personality, rider and discipline...

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  • bitless-bridle-reviews

    Bitless Bridle Reviews

    There are a range of bitless bridles available in the market, and it can be confusing to decide which one to choose based on its quality, effectiveness, pressure-points and price....

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  • syd-hill-saddle

    The Syd Hill Saddle

    Are you in the market for a new saddle? Find out what the top 3 Syd Hill Saddles are here. Syd Hill & Sons are a reputable saddle manufacturer that's been...

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  • horses-for-sale

    How to Buy a Horse

    We have put together your step by step guide on how to buy a horse for the first time (in Australia). PART 1 - SEARCH 1) HORSE SALE WEBSITES The most obvious place...

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  • Prelim 1.1 dressage test

    The Prelim 1.1 Dressage Test is one of the most ridden dressage tests in Australia. It is a pretty straight forward test for the intermediate rider.   Photo: EA -...

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  • bowral-dressage-club

    Bowral Dressage Club

    About The Bowral Dressage Club was originally founded in 1985, and then referred to as the "Southern Highlands Equestrian Group". A group of dressage enthutiasts got together and founded the...

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  • cavalletti

    Your Guide To

    The equestrian industry is on the rise in Australia and since the start of the internet and the digital age more and more people go online to find horse related...

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  • how-to-canter-bareback

    How to Canter Bareback

    Riding bareback is something alot of riders only dream of, but never have the courage to do. And there’s no denying the fact that it’s an admirable goal to aspire...

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