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Corn oil for horses with ulcers


Corn Oil Uses In Horses

Generally when a horse owner realises that their horse has ulcers they are advised to minimise the amount of starch that is available in their diets. For horses that require high levels of energy to fuel their body and their level of work, the energy they get from the food can be adjusted by minimising their starch levels in the diet. This is why feeding oils are given to provide an alternative source of energy since they are very dense in energy which will provide the extra energy needed by the horse instead of relying on starchy components in their diet. To successfully supply the horse with the alternative energy form the vegetable oil the horse owner needs to know the right portion to administer. The corn oil is one of the most commonly used vegetable oil to substitute starch in the diet of horses suffering from ulcers. Corn oil for horses with ulcers should be given in portions not exceeding a hundred millilitres daily for every a hundred kilograms of the horse’s bodyweight.

Treating Of Ulcers In Horses
Many people believe that feeding corn oil to horses will help horses with ulcers - however there is no scientific evidence to backup these claims. Its important to remember that corn oil is a processed food and not natural for horses. Ulcers should always be treated by a vet and a home remedy of corn oil is not advised as there is no evidence proving that this is effective.