Treadle Feeder Standard - 4kg
TREADLE FEEDER STANDARD Design changes compared to Supreme version: • Scaled Down: The major difference between our Supreme treadles is the removal of the distribution shutter that adjusts feed flow (removing the feature in line with other models on the...
Treat Roller - Poultry
TREAT ROLLER FOR CHICKENS • Interactive treat dispensing toy for poultry • Designed for seeds and dried mealworms • Encourages foraging – the natural technique of wild birds • Professionally packaged and a great interest product to brighten up your...
Vegetable Basket - Poultry (Large)
VEGETABLE BASKET – POULTRY • Hanging basket design to hold mixed vegetables and fruit • Reduces contamination and soiled food • Metal construction and powder coated • 14.5cm in width (approx.) • Also Available in a small animal size (8cm)
Galvanised Hanging Corner Feeder
GALVANISED HANGING CORNER FEEDER • Space saving corner design that with built in hooks for hanging in a chicken coop or pen • A great for supplemental feed like shells, grit or mealworms
1kg Feeder Galv. Base w/Glass Mason Top
GALVANISED CHICK FEEDER W GLASS JAR – 1KG • 8 hole gravity chick feeder with a galvanised metal base and a glass mason jar • Supplied fully assembled in a sturdy branded colour box for easy shipping
Poultry Feeder Tankstand - 30L
• Large solid plastic feeder with a 30L capacity • Translucent plastic to quickly check fill levels • Fills from the top with a removable lid for easy filling and easy cleaning • Elevated from the ground to reduce contamination...
Kit of Push in Legs (Set of 4)
Kit of Push in Legs (4) for Supreme Poultry Range Optional removable legs are available separately that lift the feeder off the ground by 65mm to increase hygiene by reducing ground contamination of the feed and importantly allowing the animals...
Supreme Treadle Feeder 12kg
SUPREME TREADLE FEEDER • This innovative new treadle feeder reduces vermin problems and food waste • Stepping on the mechanical treadle, the bird opens the tilt door that gives access to the feed • A rubber bumper prevents the tilt...
Supreme Poultry Feeder with Cover 8kg
SUPREME POULTRY FEEDER WITH COVER – 8KG & 15KG • Anti-waste design reduces waste and scratching to reduce feed loss and debris in the feed • The feed levels in the tray can be adjusted easily with three heights settings...
Poultry Feeder - 1kg
POULTRY FEEDER – 1KG • A feeder designed for chicks and small birds • Eight openings • Graduations display in millimeters • Inner ribs minimize feed overflow and spillage • UV stabilised plastic • Now available in 5 colours (yellow,...
Rain Shield suitable for Supreme 5kg Feeder
RAIN SHIELD - 5KG - Rain shield suitable for A8093 and A8095
Supreme Galvanised Poultry Feeder with Cover - 5kg
GALVANISED POULTRY FEEDER WITH COVER – 5KG & 18KG • A good quality galvanised feeder with a cover to keep the weather out of the feed • Inward rolled edges on the base act to reduce scratching and feed loss...
Supreme Poultry Feeder with Cover - 5kg
SUPREME POULTRY FEEDER WITH COVER – 5KG & 18KG • The new innovative anti waste design which features unique segregations that creates significantly lower feed losses from both flicking and scratching • The removable lid is useful to easily fill...
Galvanised Poultry Feeder - 9kg
GALVANISED FEEDER 9 KG - Excellent quality robust range of metal feeders - A rugged construction made entirely of galvanised metal for long life - Built to last and are well worth the extra investment - Includes a handle that...
Poultry Feeder with Lid - 3kg
POULTRY FEEDER WITH LID 3KG - The same construction as our poultry feeders - Supplied with extra long metal rods to incorporate the useful lid - The lid helps reduce roosting and protects the top opening of the feeder -...
Poultry Feeder - 1.5kg
POULTRY FEEDER - 1.5KG - Ability to hang feeder with a rotating inner rod - Same high quality as the poultry drinkers -Segregations (individual feed compartments) around feed pan help reduce the amount of seed being flicked out by the...
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