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Horse Bits

Shop Horse Bits Australia. Browse hundreds of types of horse bits (Both english and western bits) including Pelham bits, snaffle bit, shetland bits, single jointed bit, happy mouth bits, tranz beval, dutch gag, spade bits, loose rings or eggbutt bit, copper roller bit, full cheek snaffle, Curb bits, Dee bit, ported barrel etc. A horse bit should fit in the middle of the horse's mouth, the type of bit you choose depends on which discipline and what kind of horse you ride. Young horses are usually started in a gentle bit for example a d-ring snaffle, eggbutt snaffle or loose ring snaffles. A correction bit, more harsh bit or a double bridle should not be used by an inexperienced rider. For western riding we stock stainless steel shank bits with a curb strap or curb chain with long shanks. Wether you are competing in the show ring or horse riding at home - we have different types of horse bits suitable for all occassions. A bit that is fitted correctly will not pinch in the corners of the mouth and should always be ridden with light rein contact. Free Shipping & Afterpay available for all our top brands including Bob Avila and Happy mouth .

What is a horse bit called?

There are hundreds of types of horse bits - the most common are: Snaffle bit, Eggbutt bit, Pelham bit, Gag bit and more.

Is a bit necessary for a horse?

No a bit is not necessary, you can ride a horse in a bitless bridle or halter. However this gives the rider less control hence bitted bridles are so popular and the most common for horse riding.

What is the gentlest bit for a horse?

The snaffle bit is known to be the most gentle on the horse's mouth. You can make it even gentles by riding in a Happy mouth snaffle bit as its made of polymer plastic rather than stainless steel.