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Australian Stock Saddle

Shop traditional Australian Stock Saddles for sale with a solid flap. The Australian saddle is famous worldwide for its comfortable seat and versatile use. The large knee pads in the front of the saddle and deep seat keeps you secure in the saddle while working young horses, and the soft seat and high cantle makes it very comfortable and perfect for trail riding, cattle work, endurance riding, western riding and long hours in the saddle. The Aussie saddle is a mix between an english saddle and an American western saddle and allows the rider's weight to be distributed evenly over the horse's back. English saddles don't have the knee blocks that Aussie saddles features, which allows a more secure seat and an ideal choice when training young horses. They keep the rider's leg in place especially when riding with swinging fenders. If you are after a light weight saddle then our synthetic saddles are a great choice, the saddle weight for our leather Aussie saddles is a few kgs more. Adjust the gullet width in the comfort of your home with the easy adjustable gullet system. 3-4 steel gullet plates are included with your saddle order. The tree widths range from narrow to x-wide. Our Aussie saddle brands include Syd Hill & Sons, Ord River, Sidney Hamilton, Tekna and more.

Each Australian stock saddle is sold together with western horse tack such as Australian girths, stirrup leathers and optional breast collar. If you are unsure of which seat size and what type of Australian stock saddle to buy (Swinging fender, half breed etc) then send us an email and we will respond within 24 hours.

Buy your new saddle today, free shipping available worldwide. Our synthetic Australian saddles are perfect for all weather conditions and our smooth leather stock saddles will last a very long time. We have a saddle for everyone! We offer the best prices and some nice extras such as free girth and free express shipping to local customers in Australia and New Zealand. We also stock similar related products such as western saddle pads and western bridles.