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Stock Whips

Shop our range of Australian Stock whips for sale. Leather whips and handles, wood handles, crackers and synthetic whips. Redhide leather, kangaroo leather or synthetic Australian stock whips made in Australia. Suitable for both beginners and experienced handlers. For cattle mustering or show. Our synthetic whips are more lightweight with a rubber handle while our traditional Australian stock whip are made of the best material: leather with a full plait wood handle for a comfortable grip and more stiff handle. Shop the best stock whips in Australia. Brands include Nemeth stock whips, Stockmaster, Lazy river and Prohorse.

What size stock whip do i need

It depends what you are intending to use your whip for, whether its handling of livestock, tricks or learning how to handle a stock whip. As a general rule a beginner should go for a shorter whip - Kids are recommended to use a 4ft whip, adult beginners a 6ft stock whip. And an experienced stock handler can use any size. Synthetic whips are more lightweight but not necessarily easier to handle.

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