Kane Stock Sorting Panel - 45cm x 75cm
KANE STOCK SORTING PANEL – HEAVY DUTY • Kane Heavy Duty Stock Sorting Panels are excellent quality • Manufactured from high density polyethylene making the panels light weight yet tough • Panels are designed to move animals with ease •...
Stock Sorting Paddle Kane Heavy Duty - 94cm
KANE STOCK SORTING PADDLE – HEAVY DUTY • Kane stock sorting paddles are renowned worldwide for their heavy duty one piece construction and durability • Made with durable, high-density materials • The rattle within the paddle is louder than other...
Stock Sorting Paddle - Premium - 1.2m
DOMINATOR™ STOCK SORTING PADDLES • A good quality stock sorting paddle that is widely used across Australia for many years • This product is designed to move cattle, pigs and other animals humanely • The ball bearings in the paddle...
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