Troy Repel X 500ml
Troy Repel X 500ml Insecticidal and repellent spray 500ml. Kills and repels flies and other biting insects for horses, dogs, cattle and pigs. Repel-x formula
Reiter Sun Protect
The Reiter Sun Protect safeguards your horse from sun damage. Perfect for daily use, it is lightweight and comfortable for your horse. Simply apply directly to your horse’s skin with hands. Shields your horse from sun damage Reiter Sun Protect...
Kuritch Wound Fly Spray
Kuritch is used to repel nuisance insects on horses which have wounds or Queensland Itch. Including House Fly Stable Fly Midgees and Sand-flies Great to have in your grooming kit for all occasions. 500ml
Joseph Lyddys Blac-It Enamel
Joseph Lyddy's Blac-It is still one of their most popular and well loved products. It is an economical enamel that is fast drying and provides a high gloss finish. The Black-It coating resists scratches, so its high-gloss appearance is long...
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