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Guide to 1200 Denier Horse Rugs


Background 1200 Denier Material
The 1200 Denier material is the term used to describe the thickness of the threads that have been specifically used in the weaving of the yarns used in making this material recognised as denier. The weight of the overall fabric is measured using grams per square metre (GSM). The higher the value of the denier figure given the thicker the threads used in the weaving hence the stronger the material is. The 1200 denier material can be manufactured in the USA or at times they can import it from other nations. This is an example of a quality 1200 Denier Rug, Click on the picture to view the listing in full:
The denier material has been used in the construction of different types of horse rugs and most especially those that are used during the winter season. The width, fabric weight and thickness make the 1200denier the most ideal material to be used in making winter horse rugs. The 1200denier is often times used in combination with other materials such as nylon, polyester or PVS in the construction of long lasting and durable horse rugs. The imperial Vinyl is an example of a horse rug that has been constructed using 1200 denier Polyester together with a coating of PVC. The horse rug are sealed using heat and the patterns are imprinted on the fabric buy the use of a silk screen to generate designs containing vibrant and strong hues. This fabric is suitable to washed using soap containing mild solvents, water in addition to a soft cloth made of cotton. Rather than being used on the horse rugs the material is ideal to be used on tote bags, banners, luggage bags, theatre productions and sports gear.

The 1200denier material is also popular for its water resistance characteristic while at the same time it is a breathable material. The 1200denier is therefore ideal to be used on the horse rugs that have extra details such as chest buckles that can be easily released, bindings that are reflective and droppings at the rear to fully wrap the tail flaps. This type of horse rug is very good in promoting of hygiene as it creates an aero-mesh lining. This type of lining is very sturdy but very soft and comfortable on the skin of the horse. The meshes in between the fabric facilitates for breathing spaces between the horses coat and the rug. Due to the breathing spaces it will not rot or become infested with mold which occurs in cotton and other materials.