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The Horse Transport Network



From traveling to an equine or horse event, moving house or equestrian yard or even a last-minute or an emergency call, The Horse Transport Network is always there to give you a quick response on whatever you need. The Horse Transport Network has a UK and Ireland based transporters and are always ready to provide you a quote and is partnered with both national and international horse transporters.

At the Horse Transport Network website which is, you just need to click the button "Get Me Quotes" button to contact every transporter in one go, you also have an option where you can select or browse your prefer horse transporters and if you to have those self-drive hire companies.

Horse Transport Network make sure that every transporter they hire is very professional, experienced and nothing but the best. The Horse Transport Network also requires their horse transporters to submit a legal document before being added as their member.

If you are currently looking for a partnership, the Horse Transport Network also has a page on the website where you can advertise yourself as a transporter. You can just fill in the login form on that page. You can also see the current price listings. I forgot to mention that, on the website, you can also check the map so you can get the best price and the availability of the horse transporters.

The best thing here on Horse Transport Network, they are only providing those DEFRA registered professional horse transporters to ensure that your horse will be taken cared of 100% all the time.