• Bitless bridles

    Bitless bridles
    The Origin of the Bitless Bridle The domestication of the horse occurred approximately 6000 year ago.[1] Both leather, rope and metal material was quickly introduced to be used as the first bridle and bit to control horses. Surprisingly the horse bridle design has not changed too much since then. We still use the same concept today - a headpiece that connects with a buckle to a...
  • How to polish riding boots

    How to polish riding boots
    Keeping your riding boots nice and polished will extend their life by years. As a general rule you should polish your boots at least one day per week (if you use them daily). Checkout our quick step by step formula on how to polish your riding boots. Step 1: Remove excessive dirt How to polish riding boots - Remove any excess mud or manure...
  • Horse Supplies Geelong

    Horse Supplies Geelong
    Our Pop-up shop for Horse supplies located in Geelong is finally open this weekend! Make sure you stop by and shop a range of horse rugs, horse riding boots and grooming supplies. As always we offer afterpay both online and in store. If you are not able to make it down to our shop this weekend - you can still continue to shop online as always....
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