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Top 3 Syd Hill Saddles

Want to see all of our Syd Hill Saddles available in Stock? You can browse through them all here.

As a retailer of Australian stock saddles, we find out pretty quickly if customers like a saddle or not as we do free trials on all of our orders. The Syd Hill saddles have a 100% customer satisfaction so it is a favourite amongst riders all over the world. People usually comment on the quality and comfort of the saddles. Our top 3 Syd Hill Saddles are ranked, with real customer feedback below.

1) Syd Hill Swinging Fender Saddle


This saddle has a fully adjustable tree to fit any horse (can go from narrow to x wide). Customer rave about the design and feel of the saddle, the dark brown soft leather suits any horse colour. The design stands out with engraved fender and seat jockey. The high knee blocks keeps riders secure in the saddle, especially suitable for riders that struggle with their balance or ride younger horses.

2) Syd Hill Half Breed Saddle - Adjustable Tree 


The saddle of a lifetime - this saddle is available in both leather and synthetic material. This saddle is a popular choice for riders who doesn't want to buy a new saddle every time their horse grows or builds muscle. This saddle can easily be adjusted to fit any horse (can go from narrow to xwide gullet).  Avoid the pain of having to buy a new saddle when your horse changes shape, or use it on another horse if needed. It is also available in a synthetic material or leather material. The synthetic is more lightweight and easy to clean while the leather will last your for decades.

3) Syd Hill Stock Saddle - Leather


This is the go to choice for people that are looking for a quality traditional Australian stock saddle. Perfect for the rider that struggles to keep a good position in the saddle as it automatically puts you in the correct line between head, shoulder, hip and heel position. The saddle combines the benefits of a traditional english dressage saddle and a western saddle. The stirrup bar is placed underneath the riders hips to avoid the 'chair position'. Check out all of our Syd Hill Saddles Here.