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Perth Saddlery

It’s hardly a surprise that we’ve got so many horse lovers down here in Australia. With all this open space for galloping, you’d be mad not to maintain a few of these beautiful beasts if you appreciate them and you’ve got the resources.


But as you’ve likely long since discovered, keeping a horse properly involves a heck of a lot more than just a stable, feed, and paddock. There’s also a whole lot of other bits and pieces that you’ll also need to invest in including horse gear, supplements, safety supplies etc.

And of course, for such things, you need to find a saddlery – a reputable one, hopefully. You and your horse both deserve the best quality equipment that money can buy (not least because, what with all the rough treatment horse tack tends to undergo, the cheap stuff will usually need to be replaced almost right away). ProHorse is a Perth Saddlery that has in a short time become one of the most popular saddleries in Australia.

ProHorse only source horse tack from reputable brands. Materials like leather and metal can be compromised pretty quickly in certain conditions. That’s why it’s essential, for instance, to be sure that you store your tack properly – keeping it in an environment that’s dry, for instance, to prevent decay and rust, but also to keep it out of the way of that harsh Australian sun to prevent the leather from growing dry and brittle. And of course, you’ve got to keep it clear of that relentless Australian sand and dust, as well – oil up your leather tack while it’s still dirty, and you’ll just end up adding layers of extra weight to it.

ProHorse is known for its wide range of horse supplies, including saddles, bridles, grooming supplies and stable supplies. Founded in 2017, ProHorse is an online saddlery headquartered in Perth’s leafy suburb of Subiaco, dedicated to offering horse fans around Australia access to some of the best quality tack in the business.

And it does that by, among other things, offering up one of the most extensive selections in the business. No matter what you’re looking for – be it bridles or saddles, grooming supplies or riding safety gear, polo equipment or racing getup, ProHorse ensures that you’re ever just a couple of clicks away from finding it…and, from there, just a few clicks more away from ordering it.

You and your horse deserve tack from a source you can trust – and you deserve to be able to access it slickly and safely. That’s what ProHorse is all about.