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Jodhpurs Size Guide

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Buying the right size jodhpurs.

Some people use shopping as a form of therapy, nothing makes them happier than buying new clothes. Other people would rather order everything online and completely avoid stores and line ups all together. No matter your shopping style, the one thing that everyone will agree on is finding a proper fit.

You may know what size pants you would normally wear but buying jodhpurs may mean you’re wearing a different size than you’re used to. There are three rises of jodhpurs available, so your first task is deciding which one you’re most comfortable in.


There are low rise, high rise and traditional rise available. Low rise tends to work best for riders who are small or have a short rise. This style will sit just at your hips, much like your low rise jeans. High rise jodhpurs sit higher up on your torso at the narrowest part of your body. These are the ideal rise for people with short legs or a long torso. The traditional rise sits right between the two. They sit right at the centre of your torso and work best if you’re evenly proportioned. Once you know what style you need, it’s time to figure out your size. Start by measuring the narrowest part of your waist if you’re ordering a traditional or high rise option. Measure around your hips instead if you’re going for a low rise choice.


Once you have that done, you have to measure your inseam. This means measure the inside of your leg from the top all the way down to the bottom of your ankle. Now you should have everything you need to shop for the perfect fitting jodhpurs! Take your measurements and compare them to the size chart to find out what you need. Here is a size chart for women to start with.

UK Dress Size        UK Waist (Inches)       UK Metric (cm)

       6                            24                                 61

       8                            26                                 66

      10                           28                                 71

      12                           30                                 76

      14                           32                                 81

      16                           34                                 85


Inside Leg                UK (Inches)               UK Metric (cm)

   Short                         27.5                             69

   Regular                     28                                71

   Long                         30                                 76

   Extra Long                33                                 84 

Shopping for children’s jodhpurs is a little bit different than shopping for an adult. They have generalized guides, partially based on the child’s age to make the process easier. 

Child’s Age                  Waist Size (inches)

2 - 3 years                           14

3 - 4 years                           16

4 - 5 years                           18

5 - 6 years                            20

6 - 7 years                            22

7 - 8 years                            24

8 - 9 years                            26

9 - 10 years                          28

10 - 11 years                        30

11 - 12 years                        32

12 - 13 years                        34

13 - 14 years                        36

14 - 15 years                        38

15 - 16 years                        40


Men’s sizing charts work the same as the women's chart, measure your waist and your inseam to figure out what size you need.


Men’s Size                            Waist UK (inches)

    32                                             34

    34                                             36

    36                                             38

    38                                             40

    40                                             42

Once you have your size picked out, you just have to figure out if you need a regular or long inseam. 

Men’s size            Regular Inseam       Long Inseam

   32                              33.5                        37.5

   34                              33.5                        37.5

   36                              33.5                        37.5

   38                              33.5                        37.5

   40                              33.5                        37.5

Now you know how and what to measure to find the perfect jodhpurs, no matter what size or age the wearer might be!