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How to polish riding boots

Keeping your riding boots nice and polished will extend their life by years. As a general rule you should polish your boots at least one day per week (if you use them daily). Checkout our quick step by step formula on how to polish your riding boots.

Step 1: Remove excessive dirt

How to polish riding boots - Remove any excess mud or manure from the boots with a brush and a damp cloth. We don't want the leather to get soaking wet but a slightly damp cloth is ok and will help you to get any dirt off. You can use more water for underneath the boots if any stubborn dirt.

 Step 2: Polish with leather conditioner

The conditioner will help preserve the leather and keep it soft and supple without cracks or wear marks. The conditioner also helps clean off the last bit of dirt. Be careful around the zip and any lazing.

Step 3: Polish with leather polish

Finish off by polishing your boots for that extra shiny leather look. The polish also helps keep it more dirt and water resistant. Make sure you store your boots in a dry place and boot trees are preferred.