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Horse Deals NSW

Horse Deals is an Equine Magazine Selling throughout Australia (in over 2700 news-agencies and 180 saddleries). You can find them in a number of equine shops and convenience stores throughout NSW including Horseland.


If you are searching for a place or portal where you can sell your float, property, saddle, horse, and more, there’s no need for you to go further because you can rely on Horse Deals. Its DIY listings means you can edit your listings online mark your ads as sold. All of these can be within the member account. With thousands of unique browsers every month, you have the best chance to sell with Horse Deals. 

About Horse Deals NSW
Horse Deals is considered as the number one Equestrian magazine and website in Australia. It features horses for sale, different breeds of horses, horse trainings, lifestyle, health, and so much more. It has been in the industry for several years and reputable for being the best platform for those who have concerns with anything related to horses. That is the reason why it continues to flourish as years passed by.

What Horse Deals Do and What Type of Ads They Have?
At Horse Deals NSW, you can start selling with the free and paid ads on their website and magazine. If you want to save money and stick with the free ads, you can start selling your horse at $5,000 and under or your saddler at $3000 and under. The online option allows you to sell your saddle, float, horse, and more on the website at $39 and it’s only for the private advertisers. For Magazine and Online, you will get the ultimate exposure for your float, horse, saddle or anything related to horse. The best opportunity at success can be achieve with this option and the pricing starts at $49. The Stallions Showcase, on the other hand, will let you advertise your stallion, business or stud in their September and August magazine feature. The price starts from $129.

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About Horse Deals Magazine and Website
Horse Deals has free and paid ads. Those who are interested may choose any from the available options. However, it is recommended for them to check the deadlines of magazines so that their ads will be printed before the magazine is available for sale. The magazine may include ads about horses for sale, lifestyle, fashion, health, and training about horses. Depending on the ads, the pages of the magazines may vary from one edition to another. When it comes to the website of Horse Deals, it is decent compared to other websites of the same niche. It includes events you should watch out for and news that you must be aware of, particularly if you are into horse racing. There is also a list of events and you can also enjoy reading about stories of other horse owners or racers.

The team at horse deals regularly upload their monthly horse magazines onto their youtube channel, their February issue for 2018 can be viewed below:

Horse Deals is located in 7 Anthony St, Mount Gambier South Australia 5290. You can reach the company by calling (08) 8725 4744 or sending a message through its contact form provided on the website.

How Many Ads Do They Have?
As of now, there are thousands of ads in Horse Deals and it takes pride from having over 90,000 people browsing their ads on the magazine and website. They are currently the market leader of horse sales ads in australia and the go to place for people selling and on the hunt for horses.