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Friesian Horse tack

We stock a range of friesian horse tack, you can start browsing here. Also called Friesian the Horses originates from Friesland in the Netherlands. They tend to look very similar to the light draught horse and are quite agile and elegant for a horse its size. In the early days as they were used in war as they are strong enough to trudge through the difficulties in war, speed and poise that is required to evade injury or capture. The horse is majorly recognised by its black colour amongst other features. It is rare for a friesian to be chestnut but there are a number of them that carry the red blood in their genes. They have no white colour whatsoever on their coats since with such they would never be considered a pure breed.

The chestnut colour is an exception only for mares and geldings but never for stallions. The horse were majorly employed for agricultural reasons and with time, this reduced to pave way for leisurely uses. In modern times, they are well ridden for recreation and relation. Many of the horse to be found in The Netherlands are actually Friesians. When used with a harness they are majorly employed for competitions and for relaxations for single riders and even for teams. They are also employed in pulling more traditional slides and carriages for different ceremonies. They are also quite famous in movies and television shows especially those based on olden times. The historical and fantasy dramas use them extensively.

Finding the right tack for Friesians can be tricky, we stock over 1000 horse related items so we have serviced friesian horse owners for years. The comfort and security of the rider depends on it and an unfitting tack will certainly cause bruising and injury to the horse. Much of the items we available in our store are what we use for our own horses. The quality is impeccable and the design is well suited for any sort of Friesian horses.

The Friesian’s we have are very much comfortable with our selection of products and so are many of our customers. All the feedback and help will be highly appreciated and w would be more stain glad to keep working a cooperating with you even as we go further.