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Expensive Horse Saddles

Horse riders are used to that there is no limit to how high the price tag in the equestrian industry can go. Especially for horses, they can go from free up to millions depending on education, breeding and conformation. However something that tend to fascinate people even more is the price of horse saddles, especially if you are a not a horse person. We stock the high-end saddle brand Passier. There saddles are very popular overseas, and is growing in popularity in Australia. Here are their 3 most expensive horse saddles:

1) Passier Sirius Dressage Saddle $7,695


Why such hefty price tag you may ask? This saddle is one of a kind, once you ride in it and feel the soft leather you will be hooked. A popular saddle for serious dressage riders that compete and only wants the best. This saddle was used by the famous dressage rider Janina Kletke winner of Prix St Georges and the Prix St Georges Stars of the Future dressage competition in 2013. Find it here.

2) Passier Optimum Dressage Saddle $5,995


Not far behind if the Passier Optimum Dressage Saddle. It may not look like much in a photo but riders rave about its fit, simple yet comfortable design. It suits rider that struggle to sit up right as this saddle puts the rider in a correct position while still getting a close contact with the narrow twist. Find it here.

3) Passier Compact Dressage Saddle $5,850


 Last but not least the Passier compact dressage saddle. It almost looks 'cheap' next to the Passier Sirius Saddle. This design is a bit more compact and suitable for short backed horse breeds such as stock horses or quarter horses or chunky ponies. Soft jupa leather that will last you for years. Find it here.

Don't let these prices deter you away from horses and horse riding. As mentioned above these saddles are for the serious dressage rider that has made horse riding and competing a lifestyle and they are an investment for life.
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