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Combined Horse Transport

When you are the kind of owner that entrust their horse to a company that has a good reputation for a long time, well, let us introduce Combined Horse Transport. We love how Combined Horse Transport did their website since it is very tidy and concise. And there are no sugary words or design that you can encounter. Try to visit the Combined Horse Transport website here:

Combined Horse Transport has been in the business for almost 36 years and counting! And still, the leading company that established in WA and providing services now with their branch in Victoria too!

Combined Horse Transport is at the forefront of the horse transport industry, with their amazing "Mega Ark Fleet" as the most technically advanced vehicles and equipment in the country.

Combined Horse Transport offers horse transport with no hassle - giving you the utmost of ease and comfort whether you are located interstate or anywhere in the world. Yes, Combined Horse Transport are catering not only interstate road service but they also provide their services in domestic and international destinations throughout the world.


The good thing about Combined Horse Transport, even though they are one of the oldest horse transport company, they keep on researching and continually improving the service they have for the sake of the welfare of animals in transit. Combined Horse Transport has a deep knowledge when it comes to logistics of Interstate and International livestock which had helped them a lot to become one of the trusted and the best transport company.

Combined Horse Transport mission is to provide you a horse transport service that all horses can enjoy total physical and mental comfort at every stage of their move. By this time, they already have this -state of the art long haul transported which they called Mega Ark III.

Some of the features you can enjoy on their Mega Ark Fleet include:
- Large individual stalls
- Stainless steel feed and water bins
- Insulated walls and false roof
- Advanced fan and ventilation system
- Video surveillance system
- All moving parts are nylon bushed to prevent rattle and injury
- Fully adjustable partitions for large or difficult travelers
- Onboard fodder storage and fresh water supply

And many more! Just check their website for all other features.

One thing is for sure, Combined Horse Transport will not go onto this far if they are not offering quality service. They guarantee that your horse will arrive at their destination in peak condition using their Mega Ark Fleet. Of course, just like the others, safety is the most priority.