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Info - Adelaide Hills Dressage Club

The very popular Adelaide hills dressage club is situated on Callington Road, at Strathalbyn Polo Grounds. The AHDC is popular for catering competitions for all levels ranging from beginner level to FEI level.

Competitions at the Adelaide Dressage Club are usually held once per month, which usually happens to be Sunday of the second week every month.

However, on certain occasions, the competitions go on throughout the weekend. Such competitions are usually marketed beforehand which allows competitors to see through and to plan their activities out accordingly. Usually, such competitions happen to have a specific format. For instance, on Saturday, it almost always happens to be a club day whereas there are competitions on Sunday.

The type of competitions that are held at AHDC includes participation, competitive, close restricted, closed unrestricted competitions. On top of that, a combined training day is also organized which incorporates as dressage with jumping. Over the last few years, these training days have gained a lot of popularity among the enthusiasts.

The prime basis on which ADHC’s foundations were laid was friendliness, comfort, and a club that is extremely welcoming to new people who want to enjoy dressage.

The Adelaide Hills Dressage Club - being a dressage club carries an outstanding committee that puts in a great amount of time and energy in order to keep the club alive.

As far as the facilities at ADHC go, the area could easily house in between 8 to 6 arenas. Most of the surface of the facility is irrigated lawn that is properly cut on a daily basis and is maintained quite well. The stables, on the other hand, get upgraded and repaired from time to time.

The total number of stables that can come into use is 64. Moreover, the sand ménage can be used for lunging whenever it is required.

Since the total area is fenced, there is a lot of safety present for both the horses and the competitors. Moreover, the club also has a number of spectator cars that give regular reports of all activities and events. Apart from a wash bay, toilet and showering facilities are also available for campers.

Since the administration at ADHC is quite concerned about the competitors, they always go one step ahead to make sure that the competitors and members enjoy their dressage.


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How to become a member?

The membership at Adelaide Hills Dressage Club begins on 1st July every year. There are no prerequisites for a membership since the club caters to members of all levels ranging from beginners to FEI.

There are a total of 4 types of memberships that one can choose from. These include senior membership, junior membership, family membership, and associate membership. The associate membership is specifically for non-rider members that are 18+ in age.

There are several benefits to getting a membership. These include:

  • Lesser entry fee costs.
  • A number of competition opportunities both competitive and non-competitive participation which includes non-competitive closed/unrestricted. Apart from that, closed restricted competitions are an added bonus for club members.
  • A number of educational opportunities
  • Discounts in a subscription to the magazine ‘Moving Forward’ which is dedicated to dressage by the state
  • A chance to make new friends having similar hobbies
  • Supporting dressage, and the club