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Snaffle Bits

Shop a large selection of snaffle bits Prohorse Saddlery. We stock hundreds of snaffle bits including sweet iron snaffle bit, loose ring bits, d-ring snaffles,

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How to use a snaffle bit correctly

Finding the right snaffle mouthpieces can be confusing. Eggbutt snaffles or full cheek snaffles are great for young horses as they won't move out of the horses mouth if you have to pull one rein a bit harder. Snaffle bits tend to be softer on the horse’s mouth than gag bits, curb bits or western bits so its a great place to start if you are unsure. Older horses tend to be more quiet and should work in most snaffle bits as long as the rider’s hands are soft and supple. Remember that the horse's mouth is very sensitive.

We offer free shipping over $149 and a 3 months return policy so you have time to decide if the bit is right for you.

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