Super Feed Scoop SALE
This plastic feed scoop makes dishing out pellets or chaff from a bag or bin a whole lot easier. A built-in handle makes for easy scooping, while the flat rim is designed to help scoop feed off the bottom of...
$10.95 $7.50
Poultry Drinker - Straight - 1 Litre
POULTRY DRINKER – STRAIGHT 1 LITRE • A gravity feed waterer perfect for baby chicks and small birds • Transparent with the content level visible • Graduations displayed in millilitres • Excellent quality and UV stabilised • Now available in...
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from $10.00
Red Grooming Kit - SALE
Convenient backpack easy to bring along to the show Set Includes: hoof pick, Comb, body brush, curry comb,  mane and tail brush, backpack to store it all in. Colour: Red
$39.95 $12.00
Dehorning Wire Handles - SALE
• Good quality dehorning wire handles Brand: Bainbridge
$34.95 $15.50
Lycra Shoulder Guard - Medium
Helps prevent shoulder and wither rubbing.Maintains show condition. cob
$39.95 $22.00
Fort Worth Saddle Pad Carry Bag - SALE
Description • This carry bag will keep your saddle pad clean and dust free between rides.• The handle across the top makes carrying it easy.• This bag will accommodate up to a large western saddle pad.
$49.95 $32.00
Stirrup Leathers - SALE
Description 1" wide leather stirrup straps 140CM BLACK
$49.95 $32.50
Pony Leather Halter
Quality leather Brass buckles & fittings Doubled cheek pieces Adjustable noseband
$69.95 $34.00
Happy Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle - Pony
Happy Mouth bits have a stainless steel centre core to ensure maximum safety and strength. The apple scented plastic has been engineered to provide the horse with easily accepted flavour which is non-toxic, long lasting and safe. Pony
$59.95 $34.00
Pony Pelham Bit - 4'5"
Pelham Bit Stainless steel Single Jointed Mouth Chain included BI20050 4.5
$68.95 $38.00
Forked Reins - SALE
Used to convert pelham bits into a single rein, providing the rider with extra control. Hook studs at ends. BLACK
$59.95 $38.50
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