Plaited Riding Crop - Blue
$28.95 $19.95
Plaited Riding Crop - Blue
Short riding crop Nylon Plaited Lopp Handle Flapper end Black Fittings Available in 4 colours - blue, pink, red & green.
$28.95 $19.95
Lunge whip
Standard lunge whip in easy to handle length with full length lash. Length 180cm. Colour BLACK
Snowbee In-Hand Training Whip
Description • Ideal for training horses in-hand or as a yard whip.• The fibreglass core withstands hard use and abuse.• Sure-Grip rubber moulded handle for better grip.
Silver Riding Crop - Silver
$44.95 $39.95
Silver Riding Crop - Silver
Short riding crop Leather grip handle Flapper end Silver Fittings
$44.95 $39.95
Trackmaster Jockey Whip
Description • This whip is extremely strong with a moulded rubber handle.
$34.95 $30.95
Nylon Carriage Driving Whip
Description • Durable driving whip with a good handle grip.• Features large black grip, black nylon shaft with fibreglass core, black and white ornamental binding at the top of the shaft, 140cm long with 60cm white lash.
Westlake Carriage Driving Whips
Description • Well balanced driving whip with a braided fibreglass core.• Colour is Black with a glossy bronze 70cm lash, and ribbed white gel grip handle with silver detail.
$58.95 $55.95
Driving Whip 140cm
Traditional style with fibreglass shaft and braided nylon lash Black with a white lash. Length 140cm. Colour BLACK with WHITE lash.
Leather Training Crop - Black
Leather Training riding crop Leather grip handle Flapper end Black with Silver Fittings or Brown with Gold Fittings
Deluxe Dressage Riding Crop - Black
Deluxe Dressage riding crop Rubber grip handle Tassle End Black  Silver Fittings
Westlake Lunge Whips
Description • A practical, nicely put together lunge whip with a durable handle grip.
$58.95 $55.95
Snowbee Pony Club Riding Whip
Description • Strong and firm polycarbon centre.• Braided cover and wrist loop.• Genuine leather grip.
Fleck Dressage Riding Crop - Black/Blue
Fleck Dressage Riding Crop - Black/Blue
Fleck Dressage riding crop Rubber grip handle Tassle End Silver Fittings Colours: White/blue, white/pink, black/blue & black/pink.
Snowbee Carbon Shaft Jumping Bat
Description • Carbon Shaft makes this Jumping Bat lightweight with excellent balance.• 65cm.
Deluxe Riding Whip
Description • Impressive whip that is stylish and effective.• Padded handle with an impressive cap and ferrule.• 65cm long.
Stockmaster Synthetic Yard/Stock Whips
These hardwearing whips are new to our range in 3 different lengths. The 4' Yard Whip and 5' Stock Whip are an ideal length for children or small adults. The 6'Stock Whip is more suited to taller adults or for...
from $79.95
Westlake Polo Whip
Description • Regulation length and flap with silver coloured end cap and wrist loop.• 100cm long.
Sterling Lunge Whip
Description • The Sterling Whips have a distinctive spiral wound padding that acts as a cushioned handgrip with a silver coloured flared hand stop and whip ferrule.• Available in two lengths, 160cm & 180cm.
Snowbee Two-Piece Lunge Whip
Description • Unique sleeve coupling assures a strong rigid assembly.• Sure-Grip rubber moulded handle for better grip.• Available Sizes: 160cm or 200cm.
Westlake Jumping Bat
Description • International 46cm (18") jumping bat with a spiral bound cushion grip handle.• Silver coloured end cap and ferrule.
Deluxe Pony Club Riding Whips
Description • These whips have a unique non-slip hand grip that provides a secure feel .
Westlake Long Dressage/Training Whip
Description • A 120cm Dressage/Training whip with black end ferrules on the hand grip and a flap on the end.
$58.95 $55.95
Snowbee Leather Dressage Whip
Description • Snowbee® whips are manufactured using high quality materials and are renowned world-wide for their excellence.
Deluxe Dressage Whip
Deluxe Dressage Whip with tassle end - black only. Also ideal for Polo.
Dressage or Lunge Whip Crackers
Will fit most dressage and lunge whips. Sold in a pack of 10.
Westlake Lunge Whip Extender
The extender is easily fitted to any lunge whip and adds over a metre to the overall length of the whip.
Horsemaster Pony Club Whip Diamonte Handle w/Black Shaft - Blue Diamonte Hdl BK Shaft
Quality Pony Club Whips from Horsemaster with coloured diamonte feature handles and a black shaft. This is a popular crop for Pony Club, Schooling and Pleasure Riding. 65cm.
$39.95 $12.95
Karaka Synthetic Stockwhip - Red/Black/Yellow
All weather, low maintenance, long lasting synthetic stockwhip made with traditional whip design principles. Karaka has reinvented the stockwhip for a long lasting, rot resistant life. The lead-loaded whip thong is 100% synthetic meaning it works perfectly in wet weather...
from $199.95
Karaka Synthetic Whip Cracker - White
Whip cracker for the Karaka Synthetic Stockwhips. The fall and cracker of a stockwhip are sacrificial items, they are both replaceable and do become damaged throught constant use or misuse. Prolonged use of the stockwhip without a cracker will shorten...
Karaka Synthetic Whip Fall - Black
Whip fall for the Karaka Synthetic Stockwhips. The fall and cracker of a stockwhip are sacrificial items, they are both replaceable and do become damaged throught constant use or misuse. Prolonged use of the stockwhip without a cracker will shorten...
Kangaroo Stockwhip The Aussie
Plaited in 2 colours to create a striking effect and invoke images of Australia fauna and flora. Alternating green and gold plaited kangaroo leather.
Nemeth Stockwhip Handle
Cane handle with half plait hand grip. Nemeth Stockwhips are crafted in Australia by tradesmen with a lifetime's experience in whip making.
Stockwhip Cracker
Spare cracker for stockwhips.
Westlake Poly Whip Snap - Black
Easily fitted replacement snaps for Lunge, Dressage, Driving or Training whips.
from $2.00
Bambino Pony Club Whip
The braided maroon handle has a nylon hand loop and the Bambino® multi-coloured binding along the shaft. The flap is 6.5cm wide.
Bambino Riding Whip
Effective multi-coloured binding goes the length of the whip, from the black handle knob to the 27mm wide flap.
Redhide Yard Whip - 4 Plait
Classical redhide stockwhip with plaited handgrip on a strong cane handle. These economical whips are an ideal whip for everyday use. The Yard Whip is a useful whip while working in confined spaces. Suitable also as a child's first whip....
Nemeth Redhide Stockwhip - 4 Plait
Nemeth Stockwhips are hand crafted in Australia from Australian Redhide and Kangaroo Hide Leather. Their commitment to quality and durability has made Nemeth Whips the current number one selling Stockwhip in Australia, and their whips are both well balanced and...
from $147.95
Crystal Dressage Whip
Dressage whip with decorative clear crystal stones on the shaft. String lash and leather handle. Available in 100cm, 110cm, and 120cm
Snowbee Harness Race Whip 160cm
Description • Thread covered fibreglass shaft with leather flap and textured rubber moulded handle for better grip.