Poultry Drinker - Straight - 1 Litre
POULTRY DRINKER – STRAIGHT 1 LITRE • A gravity feed waterer perfect for baby chicks and small birds • Transparent with the content level visible • Graduations displayed in millilitres • Excellent quality and UV stabilised • Now available in...
Poultry Drinker - Straight - 4.5 Litre
POULTRY DRINKER – STRAIGHT 4.5 LITRE • Designed with a higher base wall compared to our range of green & white drinkers to reduce the risk of chicks falling into the water in the base • Suitable for up to...
Poultry Drinker Siphon Straight - 1.5L
POULTRY DRINKERS – SIPHON • High quality extra thick plastic drinkers ideal for watering small/medium-sized poultry • Available in four bright colours: Red, Purple, Orange and Blue • Great quality for the price – highly recommended
1lt Drinker Galv. Base w/Glass Mason Top
GALVANISED CHICK DRINKER W GLASS JAR – 1 LITRE • Chick drinker with a galvanised metal base and a glass mason jar • Supplied fully assembled in a sturdy branded colour box for easy shipping
Plastic Poultry Drinker Tankstand - 30L
• Large solid plastic drinker with a 30L capacity • Translucent plastic to quickly check fill levels • Fills from the top with a removable lid for easy filling and easy cleaning • Elevated from the ground to reduce contamination...
Kit of Push in Legs (Set of 4)
Kit of Push in Legs (4) for Supreme Poultry Range Optional removable legs are available separately that lift the feeder off the ground by 65mm to increase hygiene by reducing ground contamination of the feed and importantly allowing the animals...
Supreme Plastic Drinker - 30 Litre
PLASTIC TRIPOD DRINKER WITH METAL LEGS – 30L • High capacity drinker perfect for large flocks and/or use outside the coop • Manufactured from extra thick high quality UV stabilised plastic to avoid issues with internal rust • Easy to...
Supreme Top Fill Poultry Drinker with Legs - 15 Litre
SUPREME POULTRY DRINKER WITH TOP FILL LID AND LEGS – 15L • A large capacity and professional drinker made from heavy duty UV stabilised thick plastic • Easy to fill with a removable screw cap on the top of the...
Galvanised Hanging Trough Drinker - 30cm long
GALVANISED HANGING TROUGH DRINKER • A handy trough drinker to get the water off the ground, away from the dirt • Designed to hang off a wire or something similar • Available in 2 sizes – 30cm length or 50cm...
Supreme Poultry Drinker with Handle - 5 Litre
SUPREME POULTRY DRINKER WITH HANDLE – 5L & 10L • Excellent poultry drinker design made from high quality UV stabilised plastic • Ideal for larger birds as they provide more drinking space • The supports on the dome create stability...
Poultry Drinker with Legs - Straight - 4 Litre
POULTRY DRINKERS – STRAIGHT WITH LEGS • Straight drinkers with built in extendable legs to raise the drinker off the ground • Alternately, the straight drinkers can sit at ground level with ability to fold the legs under the drinker...
Chick Drinker - Bottle Holder
CHICK DRINKER – BOTTLE HOLDER • Ideal for chicks up 3 months of age with the size of the holes allowing the chicks to drink without getting wet or falling into the drinker • Buy the bottle holder and attach...
Stainless Steel Poultry Drinker - 2 Litre
STAINLESS STEEL POULTRY DRINKER 2 LTR - Now manufactured from Stainless Steel to reduce rust issues - A robust range of metal drinkers available in range of sizes -The rugged construction made entirely of stainless steel for long life -Built...
Poultry Drinker with Legs - Ball Type - 2.5 Litre
POULTRY DRINKERS – BALL TYPE WITH LEGS • Ball drinkers with built in extendable legs to raise the drinker off the ground • Alternately, the ball drinkers can at ground level with ability to fold the legs under the drinker...
Hanging Ballast Waterer - Automatic Bell Drinker
HANGING BALLAST WATERER - AUTOMATIC BELL DRINKER - This waterer works on a ballasting principle, meaning when the water is used the valve system will automatically refill the water - The waterer is suitable for larger enterprises and one waterer...
Poultry Drinker - Straight - 4 Litre
POULTRY DRINKER - STRAIGHT 4 LTR - The straight drinkers are more suitable for larger birds as they provide more drinking space - Excellent quality - Includes a wire handle at the top of the drinker - Suitable for big...
Poultry Drinker - Ball Type - 0.6 Litre
POULTRY DRINKER - BALL TYPE 0.6 LTR - Excellent quality Green & White style drinkers - Strong and sturdy UV stabilised plastic (not flimsy) meant to withstand the Australian climate - The higher neck of drinker is suitable for birds...
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