Polar Fleece Horse Rug - Blue
Gorgeous Polar fleece rug for the competition or used as a stable rug Double chest strap Leg straps New colours available: Choice of Navy & Blue
Canva Rug - Fleece lined
Blue Dog Lined Rug HALF FLEECE LINED 21oz Ripstop, water-resistant canvas rug. New and improved straps with eyelets on the neck and chest, strong buckles and clips. Rug has shoulder gussets and satin lining in the shoulders. An extremely good fitting...
Polar Fleece Mini Rug
Polar Fleece Miniature Rugs are the ideal rug for your horse in the cooler weather. Made from high quality materials, these rugs are incredibly soft and warm, making them perfect for either single rugging or layering in the colder months.
$58.95 $55.95
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