Horse Jumping Boots Set
A Complete Horse Jumping Boots Set of 4. Suitable for eventing, showjumping or just everyday riding.  Elastic Double Velcro Closing Brand: iRide Breathable Neoprene formula 2 x Open front tendon boots & 2 x Fetlock brushing boots Available in Pony...
Veredus Olympic Fetlock Boots
An innovative fetlock boot characterised by a perfectly anatomical shape that guarantees the maximum comfort and perfect positioning on the horse. Sizes small, medium and large Sold in pairs
Hind Ankle Jump Boots with Fleece
Open Front Tendon Jump Boots Fleece Lining Sold in Pairs Velcro Closing Suitable for Showjumping & Eventing Available in Black & White Matching Hind boots available to purchase separately
$88.95 $75.95
Crystal Boots Set of 4
Set of 4 Tendon & Fetlock boots White detail stitching with white crystals Double Velcro Closing Suitable for showjumping and cross country
Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Tendon Boots
Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Tendon Boots Techno Sheepskin Double ventilation Easy wash Colour: Brown & Black with Cream sheepskin Double velcro closure Shock Asborbing Sold in Pairs Medium or Large 'Save the Sheep', the new line in Techno Sheepskin is...
Professionals Choice SMB3 Sports Boots - Black
The exterior of the SMB-3™ is constructed with Professional's Choice signature limestone-based neoprene.Together with an UltraShock™ lining, the SMB-3™ safeguards the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissue, while absorbing energy from hoof impact.The slightly longer suspensory strap stretches with each...
Horze Fetlock Boots
Horze Fetlock Boots Extra neoprene padding with strong PVC outer. Strong velcro fastenings. Great for competition and everyday practical use. Sizes: pony or full.
Veredus Vento Ankle Boots - Save the Sheep
Veredus Jumingp Fetlock Boots are made from Techno Sheepskin. Made with a fabric, which is free from any animal derivatives Can be washed easily and dries quickly Sand and dirt comes out easily from the loose, soft wide knit, minimising...
Sports Medicine Boots 2XCool - Value 4 Pack - Small
The Professional's Choice 2XCool Sports Medicine Boot was designed around cooling, comfort and durability. Neoprene-free, constructed with ultra-lightweight, super breathable materials.The liner of the boot is made with 2XCool technologically advanced textile that combines natural cooling minerals, active wicking and...
Veredus Carbon Gel Vento STS Tendon Boots - Black
Veredus Carbon Gel Tendon Boot with double ventilation made from Techno Sheepskin. 'Save the Sheep', the new line in Techno Sheepskin is a man-made fabric which is free from any animal derivatives. The techno sheepskin offers numerous advantages: It can...
Citronella Fly Boots - Black
Helps protect the horse from flies with citronella impregnated horse boots.Sold as a pair.
Equi-Prene Magnetic Hock Wrap
Equi-Prene Magnetic Therapy can promote healing and reduce swelling with Bi-Polar Magnetic Technology. The magnetic fields stimulate blood flow and help with cellular growth and ligament repair. Because of their Polarity, the magnets draw blood flow to the area where...
Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots 2XCool - Front Pair - Black
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Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots 2XCool - Front Pair - Black
Cooling, comfort and durability. Neoprene-free, constructed with ulta-lightweight, super breathable materials. The liner of the boot is made with 2XCool technologiclaly advanced textile that combines natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying to create a "Triple Chill Effect" that...
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Equi-Guard Hock Ice Boots
Ice boot designed especially for hocks.These boots are a small make. Measurements: Length - 12", Top Circumference - 12", Bottom Circumference - 15".Sold as a pair.
Equi-Prene Hock Boots - Black
Equi-Prene Hock Boots provide great protection with minimal restriction for transporting or stable use.Contoured to fit snugly and stay in place.Sold as a pair.
Professional's Choice Competitor Splint Boots - Blue
These boots are lightweight, durable and perfect for light exercising or turnout.Made with the same care and quality as other Professional's Choice products, these non-slip boots provide protection to the splint bone.Sold in pairs.
Veredus Pro Jump Ankle Boots
 Veredus Pro Jump Ankle Boot is a professional Fetlock boot with an anatomically shaped shell in polyurethane,and is specifically designed to improve the hind leg performance.• Veredus recommends: "Pro Jump boots should be used a couple of times at home...
$263.95 $254.95
Xtreme Ice Boot Packs
These little ice packs hold the cold!The liquid gel freezes to a pliable pack for excellent contact when icing your horse.Sold for individual use only, not to be used in conjunction with the Xtreme Ice Boots.Sold as a single ice...
Pro Choice VenTECH Slide-Tec Skid Standard Boots - Black
With VenTECH™ technology, Slide-Tec Skid boots extend lower to cover the pastern and bulb of the horse's heel keeping dirt from penetrating the boot and causing burns during sliding stops or tight turns.Ventilated limestone-based neoprene conforms to your horse, allows...
Dakota Leather Skid Boots
Dakota is designed for comfort and performance, with padded linings, tough outer shells and sensible closures to help riders get on with what they like doing best.Three buckle up straps with strong elastic tensioning.Sold in pairs.
Equi-Guard Fleece Splint Boots - Black or White - Black
Equi-Guard meet the needs of your horse with these superbly designed splint boots. Fleece lined, with strong velcro/elastic closures the form fitted boots suit both front and hind legs. Features: fleece comfort, lightweight, shock absorbing and durable. PLEASE NOTE: The...
Bandage Pads - Faux Sheepskin - SALE
Give your horse's legs the support and protection they need with these luxurious bandage pads.The faux sheepskin trim is soft and breathable, providing the utmost comfort your horse deserves.One central Velcro closure make for quick and easy application and removal....
$39.95 $18.50
Kentaur ‘Roma’ Leather Hind Boots - Full
The Kentaur ‘Roma’ Leather Hind Boots are a popular style of fetlock boots, with reinforced leather over the fetlock area (which is prone to bumps on the hind legs) for added protection. The neoprene lining makes them comfortable for even...
$139.00 $109.00
Kentaur ‘Mega Jump’ Hind Boots SALE - Black
The Kentaur ‘Mega Jump’ Hind Boots are a great all round fetlock boot, suitable for training at home and stylish enough for the competition ring. With a protective, hard outer shell and neoprene lining they combine comfort and practicality for...
$89.00 $71.20
Kentaur ‘Mega Jump’ Front Boots SALE - Brown
The Kentaur ‘Mega Jump’ Front Boots are the perfect all round boot that can be used daily at home, or to look smart in the showjumping arena. The hard SBS shell outer means they offer great protection for your horse’s...
$99.00 $79.00
Kentaur 'Roma' Leather Front Boots SALE - Black
The Kentaur ‘Roma’ Leather Front Boots are a luxurious pair of front jumping boots with reinforced leather over the tendon and fetlock areas for ultimate protection. They are lined with neoprene for added comfort, and the two elastic straps make...
$209.00 $167.20
Kentaur Weighted Hind Boots - Black
The Kentaur Weighted Hind Boots are an effective pair of leather training boots for the hind legs. These weighted pressure boots have been designed to improve the horse’s carefulness and technique through their back and hind legs. The leather exterior...
Kentaur ‘Roma’ Leather Front Boots with Sheepskin - Brown
The Kentaur ‘Roma’ Leather Front Boots with Sheepskin are both fashionable and effective in protecting your horse’s legs in the jumping ring. The removable, medicated sheepskin liner is easy to wash and maintain, while the leather outer offers the utmost...