Card Holder - Galvanised
CARD HOLDER – GALVANISED • Holds the card in which to record the data related to animals life, useful in particular in the case of breeders or show animals (for example, poultry or any other animal) • Hooks to a...
Nesting Eggs - Weighted (2 Pack)
NESTING EGGS – WEIGHTED – 2 PACK • Nesting eggs that are weighted with sand for realistic movement • Supplied in a branded hanging 2 pack
Egg Carrier 12 Egg - Clear
EGG CARRIER - 12 EGG • Keep eggs safe from breaking • Easy to carry handle • Dishwasher Safe • Great for collecting eggs or transporting
Nesting Eggs Plastic - Small (Birds)
NESTING EGGS – PLASTIC • Lightweight and durable plastic nesting eggs • Encourage egg laying in a desired location • Discourage egg breaking habits • Useful for a simple broodiness test Small (Birds) Medium (Pigeons) Large (Poultry)
Poultry Blinder
POULTRY BLINDERS – ANTI PECK DEVICE • Stop cannibalism and feather pecking without trimming beaks • The device is quickly applied with the included pin to block the birds vision (while still allowing the bird to look down to eat...
Nesting Eggs - Ceramic (Supplied in 2 Pack)
NESTING EGGS – CERAMIC • Ceramic Nesting Eggs have the shape, feel and approximate weight of real eggs • Ceramic Nesting Eggs are a higher quality tool to help egg production • Encourage egg laying in a desired location •...
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