Oakwood Leather Conditioner
Oakwood Leather Conditioner 500ml Australian Ingredients  finest leather conditioning cream Oakwood - since 1990
Joseph Lyddy Leathaphane Oil 1L
Joseph Lyddy Leathaphane Oil protects and softens new leather & revitalises old leather. Preserves and waterproofs. This leather oil is a special blend of top quality natural tanning oils which keep leather soft and pliable. Recommended for any saddlery goods made...
Joseph Lyddy Glycerine Soap
Joseph Lyddy Glycerine Soap Leather glycerine soap High glycerine content to soften, clean & noursih leather Brand: Joseph Lyddy 400g
Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap
Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap Quality Leather Soap It is very easy to apply and washes out easily. Cleans restores and maintains leather Brand: Joseph Lyddy 125g  Saddle Soap is cleans and nourishes leather. It has a lovely citronella fragrance with...
Oakwood Leather Oil
Say goodbye to cracking leather - Simply spray the Oakwood leather oil on your tack and rub in with a sponge, helps your leather last longer! Oakwood Leather Oil500ml Australian Ingredients Oakwood - since 1990 The Oakwood Leather Oil is...
Joseph Lyddy Jay-el Dessing
Jayl-el leather dressing Softens and preserves saddlery and all leather goods Dries to a long lasting polish Brand: Joseph Lyddy Enriched with beeswax Size: 450gram  
Lyddys Neatsfoot Oil
Neatsfoot Oil is the natural preservative for leather items. Unsurpassed for restoring water hardened leather to its original softness. Repels water. Provides protection from leather stiffening and cracking. Restores pliability and suppleness to dried-out leather. 500ml
Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap 400g
Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap  Restores and maintains the beauty of leather. Brings up leather horse tack beautifully. 400 g tub Best selling formula
Oakwood Leather Cleaner
Oakwood Leather Cleaner Spray on formula to reach difficult areas Remove everyday dirt from your leather gear safely 500ml Australian Ingredients Oakwood - since 1990
Leather Serum + Spray
The optimum deep-cleaning product! It cleans and nourishes the leather fibre with a unique deep-penetrating effect, without making the leather greasy! High-quality additives provide the leather fibre with the necessary nourishment so that the leather remains soft, supple and tear-proof.•...
Reiter Leather Cream Soap
Clean, soften and nourish your leather products with the Reiter Leather Cream Soap. This product is ready to use as it efficiently cleans leather without the need for water. Please note: May darken certain leather – please try on a...
Tanning Knife - Commercial
Suits fleshing and breaking of medium to large skins and hides.
Standard Economy Leather Punch
The rotary head has six different size cutting tubes. Vinyl covered handles.
Tanning Knife - Utility
Designed for use on small, light skins.
Maun Rotary Leather Punch
A heavy and strong tool. Made in England.
Rotary Leather Punch
Top quality punch. Cutting tubes are replaceable.
The Power Punch
Six different size cutting tubes. Cushion-grip handles.
Replacement Punch Tube Set
Case hardened, tempered tool steel for precision cutting. Threaded tubes simply unscrew. Will fit most punches available. Set of 6.
SS Deluxe Leather Punch
Heavy forged steel construction. Revolving head with 6 sharp cutting tubes.
Mini Drive Punch Set
Compact and convenient leather drive punch set with six changeable tubes. Punches 2mm to 4.8mm.
Maxi Drive Punch Set
Six changeable tubes. Punches 5mm to 8mm.
Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl Kit
Do your own leather repairs and make your own equipment with the Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl Kit. This is the most comprehensive kit in the Speedy Stitcher range. Kit includes: Sewing Awl (12cm in length) A bobbin wound with 14...
The 4-in-1 Awl
One of the best hand stitching awls available. Complete with 4 different blades.
Speedy Fine Polyester Thread - Box/12 Spools (ea 27m)
from $12.95
Speedy Fine Polyester Thread - Box/12 Spools (ea 27m)
Fine thread for Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl.
from $12.95
Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl
For sewing leather or repairing tack, this handy tool sews a lock stitch like a machine. Complete with a spool of thread and needles. Length of tool is 12cm (4½ inches).
Effax Leather-Combi + Spray 500ml
The optimum deep-cleaning product. Effax Leather-Combi quickly takes away the grime and grease. Cleans and nourishes the leather fibre with a unique deep-penetrating effect, without making the leather greasy. High-quality additives provide the leather fibre with the necessary nourishment so...
Oakwood Liquid Saddle Soap
Gently removes dirt, grime, grease and other stains from your saddles, bridles and all other saddlery gear.
Oakwood Glycerine Leather Cleaner
Cleans difficult to reach areas on leather saddlery and other gear. Pefect for regular leather cleaning to quickly and easily remove everyday dirt and grime.
Oakwood Dubbin Neutral
Contains a rich blend of waxes and oils, and provides water repelling protection to leather shoes and accessories.
Oakwood Premium Leather Shoe Care Pack
Includes Premium Shoe Care Renovating Polish (Black) which is a superior, nourishing soft polish. Also includes Instant Shine Leather Wipes x 16Pk and a high quality microfibre buffing cloth for cleaning and maintaining your shoes.
Oakwood School Shoes Instant Liquid Polish Black 75mL - Black
Ideal for surface cleaning, shining and protecting leather dress shoes, jackets, belts, bags and accessories in one simple process. Cleans and instantly shines with no buffing required.
Oakwood Instant Care Instant Shine Wipes
For surface cleaning, shining and protecting men's leather dress shoes, jackets, belts, bags and accessories in one simple process. Cleans and instantly shines with no buffing required.
Oakwood Leather & Synthetic Wipes
Gently removes dust, dirt and grime from leather and synthetic surfaces. Moisturises to maintain softness and shine, protects articles from colour fading and deterioration.
Effax Leather-Grease 500ml
Natural beeswax and lanolin formula which has proved to be popular worldwide. Simply apply to the leather after cleaning. Has a re-greasing effect due to natural raw ingredients. Available in black and yellow. 500ml.
Effax Leather Balm + Grip 250ml
Two-in-One - leather care with anti-slip effect. Effax Leather Balm + Grip Technology combines intensive leather care and an innovative formula for a secure seat when riding. High quality ingredients, such as avocado oil and lanolin, nourish and also care...
Effax Leather Balance 125ml
One. Two. Three. Mildew-Free! With three-fold effect for all types of leather: care, impregnation and protection against formation of mildew. Effax Mildew-Free for Leather reliably prevents leather being attacked by mildew and fungi on the basis of a natural care...
Effax Rough Leather Sponge for Suede & Nubuck
Makes rough leather and suede like new. Ideal for cleaning high quality nubuck, velour and suede leathers in one simple step, making them look brand new. The integrated eraser removes stains and dirt. Its practical size means it can be...
Effax Leather Boot Polish 75ml
Perfect glossy shine! Effax Boot-Polish gives a glossy shine to black leather riding boots. The dirt and water-repellent effect means the boots can always be polished up again quite easily. Simply apply sparingly using the integrated sponge and then polish...
Effax Leather Lacquer Black 250ml
Effax Leather Lacquer for intensive blackening of leather and harnesses is effective for: Freshening up leather which has lost its shine and worn areas For treating isolated scratches For blackening all kinds of leather as well as for shoes and...
Effax Glycerine-Soap 300ml
Leather care in one simple step. Effax Glycerine-Soap cleans all smooth leathers quickly, gently and thoroughly. Stubborn dirt such as dust and sweat marks will be removed easily. The active ingredients penetrate deep into the leather, making it supple and...
Ge-Wy Leather Dressing
The best friend leather ever had, since 1945. Australian made GE-WY is unsurpassed in softening, preserving and waterproofing all leather goods including saddlery, harnesses, footwear, leather garments, belts, gloves, bags, belts, leather accessories, upholstery, furniture and sporting goods. The natural,...
from $26.95
Ge-Wy Liquid Saddle Soap 500ml
Cleans dirt and grime, removes stains without the harsh rubbing, can be used with or without water.
Leovet Leather Foam
This Petroleum free, eco friendly creamy foam, cleans leather, nourishes and replenishes its oils. Additionally it preserves and protects with anti-oxidants all while giving a superb shine to the leather.