Ez Milker - Sheep/Exotic Milker
EZ MILKER - SHEEP/EXOTIC MILKER • Ideal for the collection of colostrum and the milking of ewes for extra milk to feed triplets or until you can draft a lamb onto another ewe. • With the two extra silicone inserts...
Lamb Blanket 50 Pack
LAMB BLANKET – PLASTIC – PACK OF 50 • A cheap and inexpensive way of protecting lambs in cold weather • Protects against hypothermia and reduces mortality rates • The lamb blanket is pulled over the head of the lamb...
Lamb Reviver
LAMB REVIVER • This Lamb Reviver is used to feed colostrum, supplements and electrolytes to the stomach of the lamb • The tube is made of soft material that does not damage the throat/stomach and does not harden in cold...
Lamb/Kid Feeding Tube
LAMB/KID FEEDING TUBE • Feeding tube for lambs and kids is made of red rubber which stays flexible even in cold weather • This helps to prevent injury when stomach-tubing these small sensitive animals • Use with 60cc catheter-tip syringe...
Pritchard Lamb Teat
PRITCHARD LAMB TEAT • This is the original Pritchard Teat (top quality) • Made from soft latex rubber with a built in flutter valve ball bearing system (which allows air into the bottle as the lambs are sucking) • Ideal...
Bainbridge Supreme Lamb Teat
BAINBRIDGE SUPREME LAMB TEAT (WITH VALVE) • Our supreme lamb teats will not leak from the tip and will only flow once the lamb is feeding • Made from stronger and higher quality rubber than other teats • Suitable for...
Bainbridge Supreme Lamb Feeder
SUPREME FEEDER – LAMB • Our Bainbridge Supreme Feeders are made to the highest standards • Robust construction and features our ergonomically designed handle • The bottle will empty when the lamb is feeding and can be stood up on...
Lamb Feeding Bottle - 2 Litre
LAMB FEEDING BOTTLE – 2 LITRE • A solid 2 litre feeding bottle with a practical handle • Ideal for lambs as they get stronger • Includes a Supreme Lamb Teat (A9079) • Made in Australia
Lamb Feeding Bottle - 1 Litre
LAMB FEEDING BOTTLE – 1 LITRE • Our 1 litre Lamb Feeding Bottle is an inexpensive way to feed a lamb/kid • Includes a robust Lambar Cross Cut Teat (A9001) • Includes an air inlet valve to control milk flow...
Lamb Bottle Teat - Clear
LAMB BOTTLE TEATS – CLEAR • Made of natural Latex rubber • This teat is ideal for new born and very small lambs • Teat will fit over a bottle with 25 mm neck size
Lambar Teat - Hole Cut (Red)
LAMB TEATS – LAMBAR HOLE CUT (RED) • This teat is made of soft red rubber with a small hole at the tip • Ability to be used for a variety of ways, such as fitting over the top of...
Lamb Bottle with Pritchard Teat - 1 Litre
LAMB BOTTLE WITH PRITCHARD TEAT • For hand feeding of new born lambs • Includes an original Pritchard Lamb Teat (A9003) • Capacity of 1 litre • Made in Australia
Lambar Teat - Cross Cut (Black)
LAMB TEATS – LAMBAR CROSS CUT (BLACK) • This teat is made of soft black rubber with a cross cut tip • Ability to be used for a variety of ways, such as fitting over the top of a bottle...
Bottle Valves (10 Pack)
TEAT VALVES (10 PK) - Our calf feeder valves are handy to assist milk flow and are suitable for tubes and teats - Suitable for plastic tubes with ID from about 6mm to 7mm - Valve length 23mm, diameter 13mm...
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