Joseph Lyddy Leathaphane Oil 1L
Joseph Lyddy Leathaphane Oil protects and softens new leather & revitalises old leather. Preserves and waterproofs. This leather oil is a special blend of top quality natural tanning oils which keep leather soft and pliable. Recommended for any saddlery goods made...
Joseph Lyddy Glycerine Soap
Joseph Lyddy Glycerine Soap Leather glycerine soap High glycerine content to soften, clean & noursih leather Brand: Joseph Lyddy 400g
Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap
Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap Quality Leather Soap It is very easy to apply and washes out easily. Cleans restores and maintains leather Brand: Joseph Lyddy 125g  Saddle Soap is cleans and nourishes leather. It has a lovely citronella fragrance with...
Joseph Lyddy Jay-el Dessing
Jayl-el leather dressing Softens and preserves saddlery and all leather goods Dries to a long lasting polish Brand: Joseph Lyddy Enriched with beeswax Size: 450gram  
Lyddys Neatsfoot Oil
Neatsfoot Oil is the natural preservative for leather items. Unsurpassed for restoring water hardened leather to its original softness. Repels water. Provides protection from leather stiffening and cracking. Restores pliability and suppleness to dried-out leather. 500ml
Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap 400g
Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap  Restores and maintains the beauty of leather. Brings up leather horse tack beautifully. 400 g tub Best selling formula
Joseph Lyddy's Crib Stop Spray 500mL
Spray on formula that prevents destructive chewing and biting habits of horses and dogs.500ml.Horse Applications:Tail and Mane Chewing; Crib-Biting; Rug Chewing; Wood Chewing; Windsucking; Eating Bedding or Sand; Bandage Biting. Apply to stable ledges, door tops, tails, fences, gates, stalls,...
Joseph Lyddys Blac-It Enamel
Joseph Lyddy's Blac-It is still one of their most popular and well loved products. It is an economical enamel that is fast drying and provides a high gloss finish. The Black-It coating resists scratches, so its high-gloss appearance is long...
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