Sticky Roll Ribbon
FLY ROLL RIBBON • An old fashioned, but effective way of controlling flies around the house • Non toxic, insecticide free • Smell free & fully disposable (no cleaning either!) • Just pull the tab and a 65cm strip of...
Hummingline - 500m Reel
HUMMINGLINE • A special line that hums in the wind which scares birds • Easy to install between fixing points • Excellent for low crops, bushes and trees, small gardens and moored boats • Available in 500 metres
Snake Repeller - Solar Powered - 2 pack
SNAKE REPELLER – SOLAR POWERED (2 PACK) • Multi-pulse vibrations that change every 2 days to reduce snakes becoming accustomed to the vibrations • 30 metre protection diameter • Sealed motor and battery compartment for better weather resistance • High...
Fly Bait (Replacement)
FLY BAIT • A safe combination of food materials which contain no poisons or harmful chemicals • Place the bait in the fly trap and add water to activate (Note: bait will take time to work and become more effective...
Fly Trap 1.3L (Includes 1 Fly Bait)
FLY TRAP • A reuseable fly trap with a specially designed lid with a 1.3 Litre container • Highly effective in catching a very wide range of different flies (cluster, house, bush and particularly blow flies) • With the application...
Sweep Net Complete
INSECT SWEEP NETS • A very popular way to sweep for agricultural pests (such as Heliothis) in crops • Made from rugged materials with spare parts available
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