Ear Punch - 1/4"
1/4" PIG EAR PUNCH - Classic proven design for punching further into the ear. - Use only for ear identification. - Lightweight aluminium construction with a case hardened steel punch.
Ear Notcher "V" - Superior
EAR NOTCHER ‘V’ – SUPERIOR • This is a good quality plier to cut a V notch into baby pigs ears • Lightweight die-cast aluminium construction, with heat treated cutting plate for long
Piglet Tail Docker
PIGLET TAIL DOCKER • For quick and painless tail docking of new born piglets • Tail docking is recommended to occur 3 to 4 days after birth • One refill docks up to 150 piglets and about 1-5 hours of...
Pig Tooth Cutter
PIG TOOTH CUTTER • A very handy tool to cut piglets teeth • All stainless steel
Pig Striker Victoria (Striker Only)
BAINBRIDGE STRIKERS - VICTORIA - STRIKER ONLY -This is a handcrafted pig striker especially made for the Victorian pig market - Digits 19mm (¾”) high – 1 row of four digits on one plate - New customers will need to...
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