French Cribbing Strap
Description • A close fitting leather strap to prevent the horse from windsucking.• Soft lined to alleviate rubbing.
Windsucking Collar
Windsucking collar for horses, stops your horse from cribbing Adjustable neck strap Brown Material: Nylon A quality windsucking collar is a great aid for horses that windsuck in their stables due to boredom, stress or other causes. The windsucking collar...
Crib Stop Spray
Crip Stop Spray Crib Stop Spray prevents destructive chewing and biting habits of horses and dogs. Helps deter tail and mane chewing, crib-biting, rug chewing, wood chewing, windsucking, eating bedding or sand, and bandage biting.
Nylon Windsucking Collar
Description • Strong aluminium throat piece hinged to apply the proper pressure on the throat when the horse "cribs".• Adjustable neck strap.
$38.95 $35.95
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