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Horse Saddles

Shop all kinds of horse saddles in one place -  Whether you are after synthetic saddles or a leather saddle, we have it all. Prohorse is the horse saddle shop for quality saddles in Australia. Shop your new saddle with Free Express Shipping and a 3 month return policy. We sell a range of english saddles for english riding disciplines including jump saddles, dressage saddles, eventing saddles and general purpose saddles. Our western saddles include barrel racing saddles, roping saddles, cutting saddles, trail riding saddles and western pleasure saddles. The saddle also needs to fit the horse's back hence most of our english saddles comes with an adjustable gullet.

  • Jump Saddle:  Jump saddles are close contact saddles and a more flat seat which allows freedom of movement over jumps.
  • Dressage Saddle: Dressage saddles are made to maintain the rider in more upright position, which is better for dressage. The legs are positioned close to the horse’s side so that the rider can be able to provide more subtle aids and direction. They are made with deeper seats and higher cantle.
  • Eventing saddle You will need different types of saddles if you compete in eventing, one for dressage and one saddle for jumping. The eventing saddle for jumping is a monoflap saddle, which uses a shorter length girth (which is different to a normal jump saddle).
  • Western Saddles: Western saddles are designed for working on the horse long hours of the day. They were initially targeted at cowboys who worked all day in the fields driving and working with cattle. They tend to be heavier than english saddles. Most common western saddles include western pleasure saddles, barrel saddles, ranch saddles, roping saddles, cutting saddle and trail saddles. Barrel racing saddles have a deep seat and higher cantle to all the rider to stay secure when riding at a faster speed. The right western saddle for you and your horse will depend on what your intended use for it is, and the size of your horse.
  • Bareback Saddles: Bareback pads have extra padding and grip and allows riders to ride with stirrups while still having a bareback feel, being more connected to the horse. Our saddles are well designed anatomically to mimic the horse’s top line and are flexible in all dimensions. They are majorly preferred by users who want to ride bareback but without having to worry about the sores. The pads thus avoid any injury or sores and ensure the rider stays more secure.
  • Endurance Saddles: These are able to go for over 100 miles in a single day and are majorly employed in irregular and rugged terrains. There is a need for a strong yet comfortable lightweight saddle to be able to ride in such conditions. Endurance saddles are also quite popular for general trail riding. They tend to have no horns and have extra padding for comfort.
  • Stock Saddles: This Australian saddle is built for long trail rides and cattle work. Aussie saddles provide much support and security thus reducing the risk of a fall than an english saddle. They generally have no horns but do have a flank girth facility. Stock saddles comes in the traditional flap (dressage style) design or with swinging fenders.

Most of our saddles comes in 1sizes 14"-18". Browse and choose between deep seat, narrow to x-wide gullet, close contact, adjustable gullet etc. All of our saddles are sent free shipping australia post nationwide. Find special offers in our used saddle collection. Matching saddle blankets can be found here. Other related horse tack  on offer include Western bridles, Saddle pads, Western Apparel, Breast Collar and more. Prohorse is your one stop shop for horse saddles and saddle accessories.