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Horse Boots

Horse Boots for sale available in different types of horse boots including horse sport boots, horse tendon boots, horse jumping boots, dressage boots for horses, sports medicine boots, skid boots horse paddock boots, fetlock boots, splint boots, ankle boots, polo wraps, open front boots, bell boots for horses, hoof boots, horse brushing boots, horse travel boots and other boots for horses. Available in brands such as Veredus, Tekna, Professional's choice, Wrangler - All shipped from Australia. Protect your horse’s legs when trail riding in rough terrain or for fly control. The soft tissue on the lower legs on the horse is very sensitive and prone to injury (especially the cannon bone) hence horse boots is a must in your horse tack room. Loop closure or elastic straps or double hook makes them easy to take on and off. Ensure maximum protection for your horse's legs with quality protective boots. All of our equine boots comes with a 90 day return policy and free returns. Shop all your stable supplies and stable blankets in one place - Free Shipping & Afterpay Saddlery. Sign up to our newsletter below for special offers.

What are horse boots called?

There are many names for horse boots, some include: Tendon boots, Splint boots, Jumping boots and dressage boots.

Should you put boots on your horse?

Yes it can't hurt to protect your horse's legs with boots especially when riding in rough terrain or jumping.

Why do horses need hoof boots?

Hoof boots can help horses with sensitive feet that need a break from shoes. It can also help healing from an injury faster and keeping your horse more comfortable.

What are the best horse turnout boots?

Our most popular turnout boots are the Professional's choice splint boots.