Leather Lunge Cavesson
Description • Strong and heavy duty cavesson, perfect for breaking, lunging and training.• Made of fine quality leather, completely stitched and reinforced.
Extra Grip Lunge Rein
Description • Nylon lunge rein with swivel snaphook, padded hand loop and 2 additional padded hand grips 80cm and 210cm from the hand loop.• Designed for extra comfort for the user.• (7m) 23' long.
Polycotton Web Lunge Rein
Description • 25mm wide cotton web with rubber block end and swivel snap.• (9m) 30' long.
Nylon Carriage Driving Whip
Description • Durable driving whip with a good handle grip.• Features large black grip, black nylon shaft with fibreglass core, black and white ornamental binding at the top of the shaft, 140cm long with 60cm white lash.
$48.95 $39.95
Leather Driving Reins
Description • A joined pair of leather driving reins in hand-stitched leather, 25mm wide x (6.1m) 20' long.• Billet ends and brass hardware for long life and good looks.
Nylon Side Reins w/Rubber Rings
Description • Sturdy rubber rings limit the amount of stretch with buckle back adjustment.
Shetland Nylon Side Reins Black
Description • Short side reins to fit the training surcingle and adjusts down to the smallest pony.
$44.95 $42.95
Leather Side Reins with Donuts
Leather Side Reins (pair) Rubber insert for support, buckles at the side for easy adjustment and snaps for attachment to the bit. Adjustable (fits Cob/Full/Warmblood) Colour: Black Material: Leather with rubber donut rings
Cottonfields Lunge Rein
Description • A deluxe model of super-soft 25mm braided white cotton with solid brass snaphook.• Has a large rubber block at the end for safety.• (9m) 30' long.
Anti-Gall Harness Saddle Pads
Description • Anti-Gall material provides comfort for harness horses in training or competition.• Velcro tabs help to keep the harness saddle in place.
Hansome Leather Vaulting Roller
Description • Superbly crafted to produce a well designed and reliable piece of equipment.• Leather covered hand loops and quality brass hardware has been used throughout.• Girth adjustment both sides, side rein, head check and crupper dees.
Shetland Nylon Lunge Cavesson Black
Description • Shetland sized cavesson will make lunging a dream. • Use in conjunction with the training surcingle and side reins or on it's own.
$44.95 $42.95
Pony Harness
A complete breastplate driving harness made with soft quality leather. Brass hardware throughout Two-tone reins Material: Black Leather Includes bridle, training surcingles etc. Note: Bit not included Product Code: Z-3003DRV7840
Leather Lunge Cavesson - SALE
Description • Strong and heavy duty cavesson, perfect for breaking, lunging and training.• Made of fine quality leather, completely stitched and reinforced. FULL BLACK
$114.95 $84.50
Equi-Prene Comfort Training Surcingle w/Memory Foam
Description • Premium quality nylon web lined with soft memory foam for extra comfort.• Dees for both driving and side rein attachment.• Plenty of surcingle adjustment on both sides with reinforced eyelets.
Shetland All Elastic Chambon Black
Description • Neck Stretcher.• A perfect training aid for horses that stiffen their necks and resist the rider's hands.• Fully elastic & adjustable.
Brass Whip Holder
Description • Solid brass reproduction of an old British whip holder.• 6" (15cm) deep.• Mounts easily on dash.
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