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Horse Halters

Shop horse halters for sale in Australia. Our larger range of halters include rope halters, leather halters, nylon halters, breakaway halters, turnout halters, safety halters including lead rope. Our best halters feature adjustable chin straps and bolt snaps. Top brands include Rancher, Ascot, Prohorse, Weaver Leather and more. We also sell halter sets with cotton leads included for everyday use. A great halter will shape around the horse's head where the cheek pieces or throat lash is not rubbing. A new popular style is the neoprene lined leather horse halters a new barn essential.

What is a horse's halter called?

There are a number of horse halter styles available, the most common include Rope halters, leather halters and nylon halters.

What is the difference between a bridle and a halter?

A bridle is used with a bit in the horse's mouth, and used for horse riding. A halter is used for leading the horse on the ground with not bit.

Are halters good for horses?

Yes halters is a great tool to use when leading your horse in and out from the field, or anytime you need to move the horse.