Poultry Netting Fence Repair Kit - 2 Way (10 Pack)
POULTRY NETTING ELECTRIFIED – REPAIR CLIPS • A quick and easy solution to repair our electrified netting fences • A simple repair process: The broken ends are slipped into the open holes of the clips and then the plastic sleeves...
Poultry Netting Electrifiable Orange - 50m x 112cm
PREMIUM POULTRY NETTING – ELECTRIFIED • Top quality premium grade electrifiable netting which is suitable for hens, geese, turkeys & lambs • Supplied in 50m lengths (Height: 112cm) which are easily connected for longer runs • 112cm high with 12...
Cage Wire Fasteners - Bag of Clips
WIRE CAGE FASTENERS & PLIERS • Clips are useful for assembling wire cages, hutches and other attachment tasks • The clips wrap around wire or other material to fasten it together • Great for many other uses around farm, home,...
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