Round Bale Poly Slow Feed Haynet - 6' x 4'
Save money and hay wastage! These Round Bale Haynets will significantly reduce the rate at which your horse will go through a round bale of hay. Size: Large 6' x 4'
$128.95 $97.00
Future Fork - sale
Designed to rake up then pick up. Virtually unbreakable, high tensile strength, space age polymer 16" head. Extra long 52" wooden handle. 16 long tines and 4 triangulated side tines holds the load securely in place. Ultra lightweight, strong and...
$99.95 $65.50
Super Feed Scoop SALE
This plastic feed scoop makes dishing out pellets or chaff from a bag or bin a whole lot easier. A built-in handle makes for easy scooping, while the flat rim is designed to help scoop feed off the bottom of...
$10.95 $7.50
Bednet Original Mini Small - 28" x 37"
Bednet® Cargo Control Solutions is the market leading range of unique form fitting cargo nets from the United States which have been designed to reduce load shift on vehicles. Renowned for its exceptionally high quality and long lasting components, the...
$179.95 $118.00
Scalpel Handles No 4 Folding- SALE
NO.4 FOLDING SCALPEL HANDLE • Made of stainless steel.• No 4 suits scalpel blade sizes: 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24. • The folding handles are a very handy little invention that allows the blades to be folded back into...
$18.95 $9.00
Dehorning Wire Handles - SALE
• Good quality dehorning wire handles Brand: Bainbridge
$34.95 $15.50
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