Fox and Boar Cage Trap
FOX AND BOAR CAGE TRAP • A extra large heavy duty galvanised steel construction trap with 2 carrying handles • Suitable for catching fox and boars but also suitable for a dog or dingo • The animal cannot back out...
Cage Trap - Collapsible 66cm
CAGE TRAP – COLLAPSIBLE • A sturdy box trap suitable for small animals • The trap can collapse flat for easy transportation and storage • Constructed from solid galvanised metal • Simple to assemble • One trap door with step...
Animal Traps - Set of 3 Traps (Small, Medium & Large)
CAGE TRAPS - SET OF 3 • Small, Medium and Large in a set • High quality strong heavy duty wire mesh traps • Available in three sizes to suit the capture of possums, cats, rats, rabbit and other nuisance...
Rabbit Trap - Burrow Hole
RABBIT TRAP – BURROW HOLE • The trap is pushed directly into the burrow hole to catch the rabbit • It is best to block other burrow exits • The rabbit will push the one way door open and will...
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