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Why Use A Bitless bridle

Using a bitless bridle can be very beneficial to both the horse and its handler. Some of the benefits include:

  • The bridle being kinder on the horse since there is no metal bar positioned in their mouth.
  • By using the bitless bridle some unwanted behaviours caused by the presence of the metal bit in the horse can be eliminated.
  • The performance and health of sensitive and nervous horses could be improved.
  • The use of a bitless bridle also helps in the fostering of a trusting relationship between the horse and the rider.
  • Using this type of bridle also enables the rider to enjoy the ride since there are less hindrances which make it more natural. 
  • Avoids teeth and mouth problems from pressure points and pulling.

Both the rider and the horse can enjoy one of the above benefits or a combination of them. The most sensitive part of the horse is the mouth which is why even the slightest application of pressure on it can be extremely painful. The bit is mainly constructed using metal and when it is included in the bridle it puts pressure on the mouth bars, the lips, mouth roof and the tongue. The pressure applied on these areas depends on the design of the bit in addition to the force used by the rider.

The bone structure in the mouth region can be impacted over time when the bit is used regularly. Some riders think certain bit designs are kind enough on the horses but the kindest thing one can do to their horse is eliminate the bit altogether. When the bit on the bridle is causing discomfort or excruciating pain to the horse some will decide to suffer silently while some will start acting out and behaving in certain manners to express their pain. These erratic behaviour can be avoided by using the bitless bridles.

How They Work
The bitless bridles are becoming more and more popular today and can be very effective as long as the horse has received adequate training. When the rider pulls the reins, the pressure goes onto the horse's head and nose instead of the mouth. A well constructed bitless bridle distributes the pressure over the whole head, to avoid only one area being pressed on.

Different Types Of Bitless Bridles
There are many different types of bridles available in the market. The majority of the bridles available are mainly in line with the bitless sidepull bridle design. Some of the bitless bridles include the Western and the English bridles. Some standard english bridles can also sometimes be adjusted and used as a bitless bridle (and sometimes used with a bit). One of these bridles is the Micklem Bridle that offers both options.
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