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Harry Dabbs Saddle - Platinum Wide Paris

Our Best Selling Harry Dabbs Saddle - this is the saddle for anyone that has trouble finding a well fitting saddle for their horse or for young horses that are still changing shape and growing. The adjustable gullet can be set to fit any type of wither from narrow to extra wide. 
  • Model: Dressage Saddle (Harry Dabbs Platinum Wide Paris)
  • Performance panel Features an adjustable gullet that can be set to extra wide to fit even the horses with a broad flat back (like warmbloods)
  • Made with Freedom panels enabling the horse to move
  • Saddle can be fitted to suit the majority of breed types
  • Keeps the rider upright tall in the saddle with the correct leg position
  • Gullet can be adjustable multiple times from narrow to xxxwide.
  • Seat flap connected to the panel
  • Wool flocked
  • Laminated wool tree 
  • keeping the lumbar region free
  • Material: Calf leather
  • Brand: Harry Dabbs
  • Colour: Black
  • Discipline: Dressage
  • Sizes: 16" 17" 17.5" 

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