Stainless Steel Poultry Drinker - 2 Litre
STAINLESS STEEL POULTRY DRINKER 2 LTR - Now manufactured from Stainless Steel to reduce rust issues - A robust range of metal drinkers available in range of sizes -The rugged construction made entirely of stainless steel for long life -Built...
Cat/Small Animal Bowl Stainless Steel Bonded Base Small 225ml
CAT BOWL WITH BONDED BASE • A low-profile cat bowl suitable for food or water in three sizes • Features a bonded non-skid rubber base to reduce noise and bowl movement • Manufactured from high quality stainless steel • Available...
Coop Cup - Stainless Steel with Hook Holder - 600ml
COOP CUP W HOOK HOLDER 560ML - This stainless steel feeder/drinker cup sit on a stainless steel hanging hook that slot over the hangers over the bars of a cage without the need for clamp holders or screws - Ideal...
Coop Cup - Stainless Steel with Clamp Holder - 150ml
COOP CUP W CLAMP HOLDER 150ML - This stainless steel feeder/drinker cup fixes firmly in place with a clamp holder and screw fixture - This style of coop cup is an ideal choice for cages with more boisterous small animals...
Dog Bowl Double Diner - 850ml
DOG BOWL - DOUBLE DINER- STAINLESS STEEL 750ML - A dual dog drinking and feeding bowl with metal legs to get the dish off the ground. - Stainless steel resists bacteria, rust and scratching. Each dish is removable for easy...
Dog Bowl Anti Ant - 700ml
DOG BOWL - STAINLESS STEEL ANTI-ANT 0.9L - A specially designed non tip dish which also prevents ants from getting into the dish. - Made from high quality stainless steel. - The rubber is bonded to the base and therefore...
Dog Bowl Stainless Steel Non Skid (Blue Base) - 450ml
DOG BOWL - STAINLESS STEEL 520ML - A solid premium Stainless Steel bowl with a non-skid rubber bottom - The excellent quality rubber is bonded to the Stainless Steel and therefore will not detach itself from the bowl - The...
Cat Bowl Stainless Steel 250ml
CAT BOWL STAINLESS STEEL • Classic stainless steel bowl suitable for cats • Features a shallow design with a capacity of 250ml • Stainless Steel resists bacteria, rust and scratching
Stainless Steel Bucket - Flat Sided (2.2 Litre)
STAINLESS STEEL BUCKET – FLAT SIDED • A heavy duty bucket ideal for hanging against kennels, fences or cages • No seams which makes them easy to clean and hygienic Note: Bucket volumes may vary and change without notice.
Stainless Steel Bucket - 10 Litre
STAINLESS STEEL BUCKETS • Heavy duty bucket with durable and contoured handles for comfortable lifting • No seams which makes them easy to clean and hygienic • Ideal for many uses around the farm, house and boat • Available in...
Bainbridge Supreme Automatic Stainless Steel Drinking Bowl
SUPREME AUTOMATIC DRINKING BOWL – STAINLESS STEEL WITH DRAINAGE PLUG & BRASS FLOAT VALVE • Newly developed product by the Bainbridge product development team • A stainless steel automatic water bowl with a removable drainage plug for cleaning purposes •...
Stainless Drinking Bowl
AUTOMATIC DRINKING BOWL – STAINLESS STEEL • This livestock drinker provides your animal with an abundant supply of clean fresh water, eliminating waste and saving labour • Wall mountable • Stainless steel construction including a hinged stainless steel lid for...
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