Ikonic Allen Key
Use to open the Ikonic saddles to change gullet plates.
Ikonic Spare Gullet Screw
Spare screw for Ikonic gullet changes.
Ikonic Dressage Gullet Plates
Narrow to Extra Wide plates to change the fit of Ikonic Dressage Saddles with Easy-Fit Changeable Gullet.
Ikonic Dressage Saddle w/Easy Change Gullet System - Black
This full leather, hand-stitched dressage saddle has a unique easy fit changeable gullet system to fit every horse. Now you can change the gullet size faster than ever - simply replace the gullet support arch in under a minute! Soft...
Ikonic General Purpose Saddle - Brown - Brown
Classic design General Purpose saddle with adjustable gullet. Featuring larger cleats and a mid-depth seat, Ikonic General Purpose Saddles are made from the finest French leather offering optimal contact and comfort. Integrated leather work eliminates layers to impoved lateral contact....
$2,100.00 $995.00
Ikonic Stirrup Leathers
• Dyed chrome, triple looped, pre-stretched stirrup leathers, create a stirrup leather that is extremely durable and will maintain it's original length throughout the rigors of jumping.• The use of finest quality leather eliminates the need for extra webbing.• Stainless...
$149.95 $69.95
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