Panic Snap with Swivel
PANIC SNAP W/SWIVEL - Quick release snap - Ideal for use on back of utes or potential emergency release situations with dogs or horses
Round Eye Swivel - 16mm
ROUND EYE SWIVEL • Zinc plated round eye swivels available in three sizes • Ideal to stop chains from twisting
Split Link - 4mm
SPLIT LINK • Useful for joining and repairing chains
Load Rated D Shackle - 10mm
LOAD RATED D SHACKLE - Galvanised D shackle with a certified load limit - Available in two sizes; 10mm and 13mm - 10mm is rated to 1 tonne - 13mm is rated to 2 tonnes A3145 - WLL - 1T...
D Shackle - Galvanised 5 mm
GALVANISED D SHACKLE - 5MM - Galvanised D shackles for general applications. Not rated for lifting purposes.
Round Swivel Eye Snaphook - NP Heavy Duty 28mm
ROUND SWIVEL EYE SNAPHOOK - NP HEAVY DUTY 28MM - A heavy duty snap for the toughest situations. - Nickel plated. Malleable iron. 107mm (4 1/4")/28mm (1 1/8")
Round Swivel Eye Snaphook - Nickel Plated 10mm
ROUND SWIVEL EYE SNAPHOOK - NICKEL PLATED 10MM - Round Swivel Eye Snaphooks. 51mm (2")/10mm (3/8")
Double End Snaphook - Nickel Plated 15mm
DOUBLE END SNAPHOOK - NICKEL PLATED 15MM - Nickel plated. Malleable iron. 92mm (3 5/8")
Open Eye Snaphook Zinc Plated - Heavy Duty 15mm
OPEN EYE SNAPHOOK ZINC PLATED - HEAVY DUTY 15MM - Heavy duty snap with open end that can be hammered down to repair lead ropes. - Zinc plated. Malleable iron. 89mm (3 1/2")
Double Ended Snaphook - Brass 15mm
DOUBLE ENDED SNAPHOOK - BRASS 15MM - Brass Double Ended Snaphook. 83mm (3 3/8")
Open Eye Snap Hook - Brass 15mm
OPEN EYE SNAP HOOK - BRASS 15MM - Brass Open Eye Snaphook. 83mm (3 3/8")/15mm (5/8")
Flat Swivel Eye Snaphook - Brass 19mm
FLAT SWIVEL EYE SNAPHOOK - BRASS 19MM - Brass Flat Swivel Eye Snaphook. 79mm (3 1/8")/19mm (3/4")
Round Eye Swivel Hook - Brass Heavy Duty 32mm
ROUND EYE SWIVEL HOOK - BRASS HEAVY DUTY 32MM - Brass Heavy Duty Round Eye Swivel Snaphooks. 118mm (4 3/4")/32mm (1 1/4")
Round Eye Swivel Hook - Brass Snap 10mm
ROUND EYE SWIVEL HOOK - BRASS SNAP 10MM - Brass round eye swivel snaphooks. 75mm (3")/10mm (3/8")
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